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Post by weems »

Stick with CRT. Cheaper, better image quality.

Unless you are really really out of space.

Cheapest LCD is probably some crappy 15" in a bargain bin somewhere. Just keep looking.
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Post by Jorelani »

Quite right. I got my 17 inch flat tube (far more vivid colors and better resolution) Samsung for about 117 bucks plus shipping.

LCD will be much better and cheaper in about 5 years or so. Until then, overpriced, sometimes buggy with some systems, and colors are dull as piss.
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Post by mehownzu »

crt monitors really are better for anything that requires a high refresh rate, such as games.

lcd monitors give great pixel distortion, mostly because of how the pixels are displayed on it.

if you want something flat, go crt flat. if you need space, however, you should try with a bigger desk first, unless lcd is the only viable option :)

fake edit: the cheapest GOOD lcd monitor ive ever seen was 325$. crt are way cheaper because the technology is much older. like jore said, wait a few years if you can for lcd.
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