Mud has been upgraded to 2.2.22: Inventory Improvements

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Mud has been upgraded to 2.2.22: Inventory Improvements

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Inventory management improvements:
+ Max item carry capacity increased to 30 to ease inventory management.
+ fixed bug causing light and medium load not properly causing decreased ms delay between room to room travel.
+ Besides light, medium and heavy load, added extreme load which you are considered to drag around your excess gear. This load makes it easier to go over the top for sorting through loot. Being under extreme load increases your room to room delay and movement cost considerably, +1 movement per 2,5 pounds.
+ You are now limited in what you can lift, not what you can carry.
+ Added descriptoon for dragging about stuff from room to room.
+ [Bugfix] Treasure containers (cases, chests, etc) minimum capacity increased, regardless of contents.

+ Added helpfile that explains item quality and what happes (help quality)
+ Added helpfile for potions.

+ [Typofix] Craftmanship -> Craftsmanship
+ [Bugfix] Customier weaving no longer requires exceptional success to advance.
+ [Bugfix] Imbued Gossamer Silk recipe
+ [Bugfix] processing gems no longer decreases carat by a factor of 100

+ Removed size indicator for prisms.
+ Removed armor / dr from inventory descriptioni if they are zero.
+ Altered message on death, talking about items being left on corpse.
+ Dropped horse at stable rental cost to 100 gold per half hour.
+ Updated death helpfile.
+ Decreased weight of ivory necklace from 7 to 2 pounds.
+ [Bugfix] When your pet is dead, prompt shows 0 hp instead of full.
+ [Bugfix] certain gloves still fit on head; fixed.
+ [Bugfix] conjure will no longer match unlisted prisms. (For example, typing 'conjure summon' to get summon rat formerly could match diffent summon spells and abort).
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