Mud has been upgraded to 2.2.21

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Mud has been upgraded to 2.2.21

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+ Added recipe to smelt bog iron.
+ Added recipe to smelt emeralite ore.
+ Pets get restored after levelup.
+ Added tin substance (NPC items only)
+ [Crashfix] Filtering substance list no longer crashes the game.
+ [Crashfix] no more normal killing epic head exploding, to avoid crash issues.
+ [Bugfix] Welcome back Zenpin, Hya, Spaz!
+ [Bugfix] Can sacrifice your own and your pets corpse again.
+ [Bugfix] Flesh and foodstuff should no longer show up in wrong recipes.
+ [Bugfix] Fixed word wrapping in recipe ingredient descriptions.
+ [Bugfix] Arena reward bags are now of the actual material they advertise to avoid changes.
+ [Bugfix] Fixed Brumblepot not understanding players buying a weapon (quest fixed).
+ [Bugfix] removed invalid helpfile shown to new players.
+ [Bugfix] can no longer contribute area descriptions to epics, citadels, and other virtual areas.
+ [Bugfix] Recipes crafting items identical to items in inventory no longer report incorrect amounts.
+ [Bugfix] Recipe item modifications no longer applied to identical items in inventory.
+ [Bugfix] removed white/black crystal as valid crafting ingots (they aren't real substance).
+ [Bugfix] forged quarterstaff recipe now only accepts ingots.
+ [Bugfix] Pet talents like firebreath are active again.
+ [Bugfix] Thrall (and screenreader users) now see coordinates on world map.
+ [Bugfix] Air elementals now properly gain Aeromancy
+ [Bugfix] Made shop loading more robust, skipping bad shop entries
+ [Bugfix] fantastic conclusions on a thesis no longer allows you to study it again.
+ [Bugfix] Identify no longer shows sharpened items as 0am
+ [Bugfix] Failed runewalking repaired, even when traveling to citadel.
+ [Buildfix] All fur lined items from barbarian plains now studded leather instead of bronze
+ [Typofix] Tarsonis Jail Courtjard -> Courtyard
+ [Typofix] eboggle self yoru -> your
+ [Typofix] It's -> Its in several room descs.
+ [Typofix] Isreal -> Israel
+ [Typofix] You tear a banch from yew -> branch
+ [Typofix] new tarsonis guarden -> garden
+ [Typofix] Actoress -> Actress
+ [Typofix] Deep gnome helpfile no longer mentions Rock gnomes.
+ [Typofix] The fortunate +50 luck achievement renamed to The Favored, to avoid gold achievement duplicate name.
+ [Typofix] pet affect no longer says 'No spell affects you'.
+ [Typofix] Airomancer -> Aeromancer in air elemental description.
+ [Typofix] Nis's rogue dash -> Nis' rogue dash
+ [Typofix] Saffire->Sapphire in summon spell.
+ [Typofix] Some god dropped a newly created north gate key here. -> The key to the north gate of Silver Stream lies here.
+ [Typofix] Fixed pet pounce talent typo
+ [Typofix] A gigantic sentry stand -> stands
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