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 Post subject: Mud upgraded to 2.2.29: Craftsmanship Highscore, Raffle
PostPosted: Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:24 am 
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Generic Changes:

Needed a break from bugfixing so added a few new fun features.

+ Added highscore for craftsmanship.
+ Added weekly raffle! (help raffle)
+ A sufficiently fecced refresh spell will remove strain.
+ Updated bug helpfile with new balance issue bug kind.
+ Added 'suicide' command, allowing players to escape when stuck in an area. (see help suicide)
+ Made 'wear' more vocal what layered equipment doesn't fit (A Pair of Ivory Vambraces won't fit overtop of what you're already wearing).
+ 'Wear all' will automatically equip (most) layered equipment in the correct order.
+ Compare now displays affects on an item's upgrades as well.
+ Added logic to deal with supple or flowing melee weapons (effectively punching with enchanted sword shaped piece of cloth/leather in your hands).
+ Added several auctionhouse and raffle related achievements!
+ Bug reporting now stores plane/x/y/z on world map, and virtual area names.
+ Doubled time before quest instructions are repeated (brumblepot).
+ To decrease clutter, Items with a fixed size no longer display size.

Transmutation (Reforge):
+ This isn't fully in yet! I'm contacting some people to test it first.
+ Added e950 recipe to Artificer (Alchemy): tincture of transmutation. (help transmute)
+ When a tincture of transmutation is combined with an item, the item transforms into the tincture's substance.
+ Tincture of transformation allows many tricks that would normally be impossible; upgrade non-crafted equipment,
transform to a stronger material after enchanting or enchanting substance restricted enchants. However, it is
very expensive to make.

+ A tincture of transmutation counts as a 'finish' upgrade, you cannot transform the same item twice.

The reason we won't be adding direct reforge as a skill: tinctures allow the consuming player to customize his gear themselves
while still allowing crafters to produce their upgrades, tinctures are easier to trade and auction, the mud can drop tinctures
as loot, and it prevents the mud from getting cluttered with more commands.

+ [Bugfix] Splitting a stack of objects should no longer cause loss of: dye color, craft item quality, enchant space. -> already crafted items without craft item quality will not repair themselves automatically! ask for reimbursement.
+ [Bugfix] Fixed citadel proximity detection logic breaking down.
+ [Bugfix] ridiculing a player now limited to once per account.
+ [Bugfix] all runes automatically size to one size, allowing better stacking.
+ [Bugfix] Made it less likely items with a fixed size would rescale.
+ [Bugfix] changed lamellar dragonwing adjective in object name to include lamellar.
+ [Bugfix] Increased lamellar dragonwing enchant space slightly to show difference from dragonwing.
+ [Bugfix] Fish Sandwiches no longer spawn in fishing pools.
+ [Bugfix] Added junk catches in sea fishing spots.
+ [Bugfix] Highscores update character in highscore entry properly when the highscore changes.
+ [Crashfix] Travel with a group through an exit that is immediately destroyed after the first person steps through no longer causes a crash.
+ [Crashfix] Treasure maps are now upgraded while they are used. a citadel or character with many maps can cause the mud to spend minutes throwing darts at Alora, which can cause the watchdog to reboot the mud.
+ [Buildfix] Disabled highmoon healer respawn location.
+ [Helpfix] plant runes -> plant/nature runes in sylvan bond and soulbind helpfiles.
+ [Typofix] It's shattered carcass -> Its
+ [Typofix] Renamed The limbless achievement to The Limbless
+ [Typofix] Updated all elemental ancestry descriptions to accurately describe the damage they deal.


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