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 Post subject: Old Media Review Noteboard
PostPosted: Thu Sep 16, 2004 9:29 pm 
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[ 1] Meso: Harry Potter
Thu May 24 21:20:12 2001
To: All

I have recently taken to reading the Harry Potter series.
Some people may feel these are geared towards kids and would not be interesting
to an older audience.
I can tell you that assumption is quite wrong and these book are great with
vivd description and wonderful ideas.... I highly suggest you go pick up the
first one Harry Potter and the Sorcerror's stone today.

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[ 2] Kheldarin: RE: Harry Potter
Thu May 24 21:56:39 2001
To: All

Isn't the author a devil worshipper of some sort? I dunno, I read that in
Reader's Digest.

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[ 3] Kalanth: D2 review Part 1
Sat May 26 17:46:20 2001
To: Whoever

Diablo 2

D2 expands basically on everything that Diablo had, and
takes it higher and better. You travel to 4 distinct locations
(Rogue Encampment, desert city of Lut Gholein, the jungles of Kurast,
and to very Hell itself), following a somewhat linear quest system
and gaining experience points and leveling along the way. Gone
are the use of books to super level your skills, this time you are
given 1 skill point and 5 attribute points to distribute per level.
This leads you to want to place your points carefully, and adds much
variety to the characters in the game.
The new, improved character classes (there are 5) consist
of the brute barbarian, the necromancer, the magic focused sorceress,
the amazon, and the paladin. However, each class has 3 different skill
trees to follow in, which with the aforementioned skill point
distribution system can lead to different characters. You can find
a sorceress who has focused in ice magic, or a sorceress who uses a
combination of lightning and fire magic.
Also improved is the morality level of multiplayer play :).
The much publicized Battle.net service handles quite a number of realms
and prevents hacking and cheating of characters (although there are attempts)
If one doesn't want to make a character on Battle.net, then they can
create 'open' games... however, 'open' characters and 'Realm' characters
cannot interact. Another thing is the pkill system... one must declare

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[ 4] Kalanth: D2 review part 2
Sat May 26 17:46:24 2001
To: Whoever

another player.
Death is also done differently. When a character dies, they
lose a certain percentage of gold, and on nightmare and hell difficulty
a percentage of experience depending on how far away they were from the
next level. A character doesn't 'explode' into a shower of their
equipment like from Diablo, but instead a corpse of their body is left
so that the player can simply click on the corpse and be re-equipped
D2, all improved, is not without its shortfalls, however.
There are still complaints about the realms being too laggy, and the
quest system is a bit too linear for those who enjoy the storyline
focus more. Also, gameplay is a bit repetitive... glorified hack and
slash is all it boils down to, and after having killed one monster
for what feels like a million times, it may start to wear down.
Also, the resolution is not quite up to date, and some of the graphics are
a bit awkward at times.
However, despite these shortcomings (which hardly scratch the
goodness of the game), D2 takes what made Diablo such a success and
expands on it by 10.. successfully. And if you eventually tire of
the game, after having killed Diablo on all three difficulty levels and
getting your triple diamond socketed pavise (yes, you can get gems and
socket them into certain pieces of eq).... There's always the expansion
pack that comes out (hopefully) soon (in beta testing as we speak).


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[ 5] Ashelby: Harry potter
Sun Jul 8 19:20:34 2001
To: All

Hey I read harry potter, I thought it would be a dorky kinda nerd
book to read. And I would think it as stupid well I have read all of them
and everytime I read them I can't put them down.

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[ 6] Hanos: crouching tiger hidden dragon
Fri Jul 20 12:07:10 2001
To: All

crouching tiger hidden dragon is a cool movie, its funny
to have captions on when ur watching dubbed version, they are
different things, anyways the fights are really cool and it
has a decent plot

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[ 7] Meso: My Take on Planet of the Apes
Sat Jul 28 19:48:25 2001
To: All

get mush from portal
eat mush
Rent the planet of the apes made in 1968..... it will suprise and entertain you
far more than Tim Burtons remake which turned out to be very bland with
dialouge a elementary school kid could make up.

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[ 8] Reignfire: The Jungle
Tue Jul 31 21:45:00 2001
To: All

Anyone who listens to The Jungle, or watches The Last Word
please post a take that doesn't suck on this board
so I can know I am not alone.

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[ 9] Zerapa: Wes Craven's Dracula 2000
Sun Sep 2 17:27:30 2001
To: Vampire luvrs

Wes Craven's Dracula 2000

over all good movie, liked it, some minor pornography, not suitable for
childern under tha age of... 5 (hehe it was just 2 tits) n e ways, I liked it,

I give it 2 thumbs up

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[ 10] Mordecai: Lord of the Rings
Thu Dec 27 12:04:35 2001
To: All

lord of the rings ruled, just had to say that, and since
all dnds are based on tolkien's fantacy books i would like
some ppl to change some of the things here to fit it more realistically
(like elves having magical songs) this could do something
with bards, if we add that class....

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[ 11] Angelus: Queen of the Damned
Mon Feb 25 18:29:13 2002
To: All

While straying WILDLY from the Anne Rice novel's, most nonreaders will
find QotD a little overdrawn, switching at times to a rushed feeling.
Only 1 hour and 40 minutes in length, the movie certainly had much more
potential to flesh out the script a little, and the little nuances like
inaccurate family tree will only anger Anne Rice fans. I give it a 3/5
if you haven't read the books, 1/5 if you have.
][-=( ImX )=-][

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[ 12] Haro: PS2: Dynasty Warriors 3
Sat Mar 2 13:43:08 2002
To: PS2 Gamers

Ok this is my review for Dynasty Warriors 3.
(Warning: By reading this you may not laugh if i SUCK at review; Thank You)
The game has a VERY Good Selection of Characters.
The level of play is Difficult and fun on all difficulty levels of play.
It isnt one of those boring "1 man army vs. the world" type of games; It is
"army vs army"
It adds a bit of roleplaying into it, you can get items and weapons to make
your stats better
Each landscape is unique, and every level is harder and fun
You can ride, horses and elephants (depending on the level and your rank as a
Overall I would rate this movie a 100 out of 10. (meaning:
*************************************************** etc. alot of stars)
and i give it ever finger and thumb i have up^!
-Haro Caliburr, the Legendary White Archangel

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[ 13] Vincent: The Time Machine
Mon Mar 11 02:28:12 2002
To: All

The Time Machine kicked ass! it was the good **** if you know what I mean =D

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[ 14] Haro: Resident Evil: The Movie
Thu Mar 21 16:08:39 2002
To: Anyone

Resident Evil: The Movie
Here is my review; 1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest.
Graphics: 10
Sound: 10
Scary: 10 (for me)
Plot: 10 (nice plot, considering it told about how it all happened)
Fun: 10 (cool zombies eating people! fun!)
Overall: 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
I just loved the movie!
It told what happened before the games.
It have KILLER f*cking good graphics. I mean good, scary man, scary...
I just really loved the movie!
(Warnings: To those who dislike Resident Evil Series, or have never played the
game I would suggest doing so, otherwise most will think its stupid.)

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[ 15] Drakin: Blade II
Mon Mar 25 13:53:45 2002
To: All

Blade II was wicked.... Wesley Snipes wields those weapons like a madman. The
special effect rules and the fighting was intense. I especially liked the way
he used the Glaive knife during the whole thing. I give the movie (scale of 1
to 10) a 10 for sure, u gotta see it.

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[ 16] Lingolas: The Lord of the Ring
Wed Mar 27 03:29:09 2002
To: Whoever

just want to restate #10
the lord of the ring is the best. My personal favorite is Legolas (my name is a
combination of Legolas and Link from Zelda). When i come up with enough money
i'm gonna buy a castle and name it The Shire of Middle Earth.

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[ 17] SorcererKuja: The count of Monte cristo
Sat Mar 30 00:37:47 2002
To: Whoever

the plot is okay, but generally it has less violence than i'd prefer. if you
realise one of my fav films is the gladiator ;)
There are less things about ships and pirates than i expected. generally
there's more talking and plot than action. i'll give it 2 and a half stars.

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[ 18] Lingolas: Age of Mythology
Tue Apr 16 15:02:08 2002
To: Whoever cares

if you are an Age of Empires fan, and starcraft, warcraft fan.... you will
love this game
This game is called E3 it is runned on a 3D engine. The graphic is amazingly
sharp. This is as realistic as you get get.
To find out more about this game go to http://www.ensemblestudios.com and chesck it

Age of Mythology is not yet out, but it will be available in September 2002

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[ 19] Lingolas: The scorpion king
Sun Apr 21 20:15:01 2002
To: All

It's ok. not so bad
if you like to see asian chicks haft nude then this is the movie for you
this is a great action movie, beside that there is not much of anything else.
(God the sorceress was so hot!)

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[ 20] Antiope: Lilo and Stitch
Wed Aug 7 11:37:09 2002
To: All

some of may think that Lilo and stitch is kids movie and that you might not
enjoy it... in a way it is. but i guarantee that most of the movie was adult
oriented. The language was way too advanced for young children to understand.
However that did not take away from the child
The Movie in itself was spectacular. Disney did a wonderful job with it as they
always do with their movies. I highly recommend you see it if you have not
already. You will be rolling outta the theater seats.

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[ 21] Miyamoto: Bones
Wed Aug 7 11:43:50 2002
To: All

Ok if you haven't seen Bones (yes the one with snoop in it) I recomend it if
you like chew them up movies >:) .
it has good graphics and Phat music, theirs hot chicks, kewl dudes and lotsa
action and Hellish fun. Rent it and grab someone to watch it wit u. its Good.

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[ 22] Daemos: xXx
Sun Aug 18 19:31:44 2002
To: All

Triple x (xXx) starring Vin Diesel is an awsome movie,
Vin's just got that right rugged look to him and it let's
him pull off any part. His role as a secret agent is well
played as blows stuff up, shoots stuff, darts stuff, gets
shot at, gets laid, and drives his famous:
'Dodge Charger GTO' this time with a few new mods he's ready
to play with the big boys and save the world, while still
keeping his bad boy image. He does all of his own stunts in
this movie and well, driving that car off that bridge was a
nice touch indeed.

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[ 23] Mannfred: Newbies
Wed Oct 30 02:18:03 2002
To: All

Ok, I know that the imms have been concerned about the way that newbies have
been treated recently. And I think that people need to take this more
I've found an article on the net about one person's experience in Dark Legacy


I recommend that everyone has a look at it and asks themselves how they have
been treating newbies. That means all of you, even the people who just ignore
I understand that some people are busy at times, or can't really help out, but
this is a real situation that all players must try to improve together
I'd like to thank people like Lylithe, Brittania, and Seudran (and a few
others, sorry if I didn't mention your name, but you know who you are) who I
have seen help newbies out on many occasions.
I'm not asking anyone to put in as much effort as they have, but I AM asking
people to put in at least SOME effort.
I think that people don't realise the dire effects that can be caused by
ignoring or even laughing at them
If you consider that most newbies do not return after the first few times they
play because of the way they are treated, and the long-term effects of this,
you will realise that you are actually damaging DL. Not only are lots of
newbies leaving this mud for another, but I seriously doubt that they would be

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[ 24] Curon: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Fri Dec 20 19:54:45 2002
To: You Movie Goers!

*Lord of the Rings Intro music* The Two Towers
First off, if you loved the books, the first movie, and LOTR all together! You
will be very happy to know that this movie rocks.
Most of the cast return, along with some new people. You will be suprised in
many parts if you haven't read the book, and amazed at the battle scenes. Good
music, lots of laughter from Gimli, lots of skill from Legolas, lots of love
from Aragorn, lots of scary/funnyness from Gollum, and much more!
Over all, this is a great movie! I think someone who knows Jack SHIAT about
LOTR would fall in love iwht this movie, and probably wouldn't need to see the
First one in order to Understand it!

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[ 25] Haldir: Lord of the Rings: Two Towers for GCN or PS2
Wed Jan 15 15:42:54 2003
To: All

When action-adventure-scary-series movie comes out, they always like to make a
game! Most of the games for the movies suck... =P
But when you play LOTR: Two Towers for PS2 or GCN, you will think diffrent.
You start the game off with a cinematic of the battle for middle earth. Using
clips from the movie, then switching to game graphics. You play as Isildur
while you learn how to play and kick orcish butt. After that level, you play
as Aragorn and set fire to the Ring Wraiths as they try to attack Frodo.
Through out the rest of the levels, you can Choose from Aragorn, Legolas, and
Gimli. Each of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Gimli is
brute strength, Legolas is speed and longrange, while aragorn is a mix of the
two. They get their own skills (Named mostly after other characters in lotr)
as they level up. The battles are intense, and the game follows the movie for
the most part. You may see small diffrences in the cinematics but none that
matter much. If you beat the game with all three characters you get a Secret
Character and Stage. The levels can be long, and some hard, but there aren't
making the game quite short. Not being able to use Gandalf is a negative to
this game, but him fighting beside you in some battles is fun! Overall this
game is very cool, i'd probably rate is (On a 1 to 10 scale) a 9. This game is
really fun! Kill them goblins, orcs, and Urak-hai! Muahha! Get the game, or
rent it!

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[ 26] Cless: Radical Dreamers
Sun Jan 4 19:36:44 2004
To: All

This is a really old RPG game, but i found it interesting because it's a Text
RPG. If you have played Chrono Cross, then you will for sure understand the
plot. Basically, it's a really extended version of Kid, Serge, and another
character Magil, in the scene when they bust into Viper Manor, except this
time, the Frozen Flame is really in the manor. Serge actually talks in this
game, lol. It's not long at all, I finished it in 3 hours, but if you're bored
and looking to fill in some time, search the net for Radical Dreamers, and the
english patch.
This game was only available in Japan over the Super Nintendo's SatiliteView
system, like BS Zelda was. Very good, 8/10

You'll need an SNES Emulator to play this, I used ZSNES for it.

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[ 27] Kiasyn: Dark Legacy
Sun Jul 25 19:31:36 2004
To: All

It Rocks!

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[ 28] Lingolas: Hero
Sat Aug 28 15:22:04 2004
To: All

go see Hero.

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[ 29] Laurana: Garden State
Wed Sep 15 01:46:45 2004
To: All

Zach Braff's writing and directorial debut is possibly one of the years
best films. A cinematic masterpiece, he truly captures the essence of
confusion in his main characters. The day to day drudgery of life and
the surprises that seem to pop up when least expected.
The soundtrack fully completes the movie though. Melancholy and subversive,
it lingers in the background setting the tone for the film.
Amazing tracks by Frou Frou, Nick Cave, and The Shins.

Definitely a "must see" movie. And almost guaranteed an Oscar.

You need to see this. It may just change your life.


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