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Mud upgraded to 2.2.31: Epic Integration
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Author:  Celeborn [ Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Mud upgraded to 2.2.31: Epic Integration

Epic Integration Patch

Summary: Epic levels have been capped at e1000. Many stats progress into epics which formerly didn't. Level ~50 characters will generally see a huge rise in stats because of these changes. XP changed, low level epic players will get more XP, very high level will get very little XP. Mobility penalty for armor greatly lowered. Built areas spread from 1 to e1000.

These changes are needed for future improvements. It was quite a big change and prone to bugs and oversights, so please don't hesitate to report anything awry.

Main goals of these changes:
- Allow overlap between normal and epic gameplay.
- Solid foundation for area building and quests.
- Improve social/competitive play between players.
- First steps towards fixing combat.
- Allow casual players to start epics more easily.

For details about these changes read this thread. It is a little out of date, but most of it is still valid.


Epics are now a true and logical extension to the game. Epic levels are capped, and an epic level character has an equivalent normal level (e1000 is equivalent to 75). Formerly Character stats stopped progressing normally at epic levels. Some didn't even progress at all. This broke down several mechanics at higher epic levels, and made it really hard to mix pre and aft epic gameplay. These changes will effectively put you at 2/3rds full power at level 50, and the last you can get by levelling up to e1000. In general this means more of everything at level 50, and equal or higher scores at e1000.

Affected (Linear advancement from 1 to e1000):

+ enchant space
+ Weapon damage
+ Projectile damage
+ Armor Mobility Penalty
+ Armor Damage Reduction
+ Complexities (low complexity schools still cap at 50)
+ Hitpoints
+ Mana
+ Move
+ Crit calculation weapon vs armor

Things that will now increase into epics:

+ Class Attack Bonus
+ Shield Attack Blocking
+ Shield Spell Blocking
+ Wisdom based identify
+ Wand Level
+ Wild surge item drop damage
+ Recharge spell mishap damage
+ randomized NPC weapons
+ repair cost
+ research documents
+ Flask summoned elemental
+ Determining if an item is too heavy a meal for a Gerp
+ create food spell, aach fec does +10 normal levels
+ create liquid spell, each fec does +10 normal levels.
+ create sprint spell, each fec does +10 normal levels.
+ summons will be two GENERIC levels under you when summoned +1 generic level per fec.
+ Sleep spell
+ Animate dead spell
+ Holy Symbol
+ Runeword freeze, weaken, blind saving throws
+ Runeword Mana drain
+ Weapon spells
+ Energy Projectiles
+ Coin treasure
+ Glance command
+ Falling damage
+ magic resistance
+ save level
+ Alcohol regeneration
+ Saving throw for stomp, crush, fall, splatter and skydive npc attacks.
+ Blood school
+ Innate spells
+ Feral rage
+ Gerp food effect duration
+ Starsigns
+ Gore Damage
+ Non-weapon used as melee/thrown weapon
+ Turn
+ Reflex
+ Willpower
+ Fortitude
+ bloodthirst, disarm, grip vs disarm, berserk duration, mistwalk.
+ Parry
+ Dodge
+ Tumble
+ Track
+ Mana regen
+ Hitpoint regen
+ Stalker healing
+ Gouge blind duration

Other level related changes:

+ Epic levels capped at e1000
+ Built areas have been spread from level 1 to e1000.
+ Objects without a level get assigned one in the migration.
+ affected the same as enchant space; Maxed out players will have
a little more of both, and they will get high defense and attack scores sooner
(66% pre-epics, 33% epics).

High quality items now boosted to a higher effective level, which affects:

+ weapon damage
+ projectile damage
+ object caused blinding
+ crit armor vs weapon calculation
+ level inherited by energy projectiles
+ weapon cast spells
+ container blood regen
+ obj mana drain
+ food effect
+ obj freezing
+ shield blocking
+ armor Mobility Penalty
+ Armor Damage Reduction
+ Shield spell absorption.


+ Bumped up level of ascension to e850.
+ Players that are above e1000 will get one ascension level for each of their epic levels over e1000. Ascension levels can be observed by looking at whois. They have a purpose in the future.
+ Criteria for crowning: all epic items are crowned, instead of level 45+ npc gear and epic crafted gear.

Multiclassing Changes:

+ Gear is no longer deleted upon multiclassing.
+ You are informed when your epic levelup increases your effective level.
+ [Bugfix] Protective effects that apply to low level newbies no longer apply to dual and tri-avs.

Spell changes:

+ [Bugfix] Turn undead cannot be used to insta-kill bosses.

Levelling changes:

+ Level difference for XP purposes is calculated based on level, not epic level, which means wider range of allowed targets for epic level characters.
+ XP gain increased for later normal levels and first epic levels, then gradually decreases, until you get at most a couple of xp for the last few epic levels. (You will need about the same kills to reach e950, 36% usual kills for e800, 20% usual kills for e500).
+ Daily XP reward for characters above generic 70 drops to 150xp.
+ Altered death and suicide XP loss, so at high level the penalty represents as much of a time investment as low level.
+ Decreased XP cost for supplicate corpse at high level.
+ Armor spikes support epic levels. also, now spikes have to be armor level, not the other way around.
+ [Abusefix] XP for Breaking/Disarming a trap or releasing a prisoner properly scales with xp-per-kill (decreases at higher level just like kill-xp decreases).

Damage Reduction Changes:

+ Every wear location has identical localized DR from armor.
+ [Bugfix] Split DR in score into Magical and Normal DR (the original total wasn't very logical anyway).
+ DR on armor indicated as 'armor damage reduction'

Alchemy and Foraging

+ Added several types of Alchemical herbs.
+ Herbs can now spawn in forest, hills, swamps, rainforest, jungle.
+ Herbs require Scrounger (Foraging) to harvest.
+ Added around 50 alchemy recipes, which ramp towards transmutation.
+ Added alchemy skill and potion bottles to Potions and Explosions.
+ Added alchemist NPC to the alchemy shop.
+ Any alchemy requires an alchemy kit, obtainable at the alchemy shop.
+ [Help] Updated Help Alchemy
+ [Help] Updated Help Forage


+ Removed epic channel given it's similarity with avtalk.
+ Decreased freqeuncy of mud generated spam postage.
+ [Help] Updated help Epic.
+ [Help] Updated Help Multiclass
+ [Help] Updated Help Ascension
+ [Help] Updated help Damred.
+ [Bugfix] who, look, score, affected, adult, wartalk, allytalk, ; and : are added to the commands that do not interrupt time delayed commands.
+ [Bugfix] Supermob will also turn epic level when scripting for epic level objects.
+ [Bugfix] beserk, aggresive, standard, evasive, defensive, kick, disarm, cook, brew, scribe, and some other skills will no longer be available if you lack the skill.
+ [Cleanup] Removed old Quest system completely.
+ [Typofix] trafficcer -> trafficker
+ Area soft level range calculation improved.
+ Area command color codes levels: grey: below your level, green: your level, red: above your level.

Author:  Shasharala [ Wed Oct 20, 2010 11:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mud upgraded to 2.2.31: Epic Integration

Woohoo! Blood school updates. Finally I can dream of having more bp's.

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