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Mud upgraded tot 2.2.35: Free structure placement
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Author:  Celeborn [ Sun Aug 15, 2010 10:03 am ]
Post subject:  Mud upgraded tot 2.2.35: Free structure placement

Having a break coding an (in game) card game. In the mean time, here are some fixes!

+ It is now easier to distinguish between player structures and real areas on the map.
+ Citadels can be anchored anywhere, as long as it doesn't overlap with an area.
+ Increased costs of citadels to match current economy.
+ Cannot build citadels on or near: roads, water, unpassable thingamajigs,
+ Highscore Level now includes ascension levels in ranking.
+ Slightly decreased look delay when moving on wilderness.
+ Decreased look delay when moving in areas.

+ [Abusefix] 'Fill' from a stack will no longer fill a portal beyond capacity.
+ [Abusefix] Fixed issue causing pets to magically level on logout/login.
+ [Bugfix] Conjure Prism will no longer conjure prisms you lack.
+ [Bugfix] Decreased the cases where PVP fights could lead to an assault/murder tag.
+ [Bugfix] All citadel rooms now required to be at least one room away from nearby citadels or areas.
+ [Bugfix] When taking an item from a stack, the stack will not 'fall'.
+ [Bugfix] Fixed incorrect level report in guild record.
+ [Bugfix] Fixed several uninitialized values causing issues when creating new characters.
+ [Bugfix] Fixed Race Category changes not being applied for ancestries.
+ [Bugfix] enabled avtalk.
+ [Bugfix] Added who, score, look to non-interrupting command list.
+ [Bugfix] Southeast/Southwest now on lowerbody timer instead of voice timer.
+ [Bugfix] West can now be repeated without getting kicked.
+ [Bugfix] Enchant hitroll baboo no longer misreports the attack added.
+ [Bugfix] When morphed a conquest/reign title isn't shown.
+ [Bugfix] When lockpicking an item in your inventory will no longer be blocked if there is a guarding mob nearby.
+ [Bugfix] Carved small axle now uses carve instead of forge process.
+ [Bugfix] You no longer gain twice the reported XP pre-epic (oopsy)
+ [Typofix] Removed exclamation from fertility juice.
+ [Typofix] Added linebreak to 'This spell does not function in a bank.'
+ [Typofix] Third person swinging your axe while working on wood, fixed.
+ [Typofix] Your are sitting down -> You are sitting down.
+ [Typofix] Arena: You've better wait -> Better wait.
+ [Helpfix] Updated law castles, structure_location, construction
+ Removed non functional 'quest', 'auction' channels.
+ Re-organized channels in channel command.

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