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 Post subject: Crafting titles, seeking help with names
PostPosted: Sun Apr 10, 2005 5:21 pm 
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I need your help thinking up craft titles, which I need for the upcoming craft patch.

Below you'll see the raw list of craft/specialism and mastery titles. I've dunked in some placeholder names but they obviously need to be replaced. ;)

I'm looking for names with a high fantasy content. As a sidenote; Someone with a mastery in carving bone bows is considered the best in its field. Mastery titles should reflect this superiority.

You can ignore any errors/missing crafts. This is a core list that i'll be expanding over time.

Bonecarving, "Bonecarver"
  .. Weapons, "Weaponcarver"
      .. Bows, "Bowcarver"
      .. Blowguns, "Blowguncarver"
      .. Crossbows, "Crossbowcarver"
      .. Clubs, "Clubcarver"
      .. Spears, "Spearmaster"
      .. Staves, "Stavemaster"
      .. Projectiles, "Projectilemaster"
  .. Armors, "Armorcarver"
      .. Helmets, "Helmetcarver"
      .. Cuirasses, "Cuirasscarver"
      .. Greaves, "Greavecarver"
      .. Boots, "Bootcarver"
      .. Gauntlets, "Gauntletcarver"
      .. Bracers, "Bracercarver"
      .. Shields, "Shieldcarver"
  .. Miscellaneous, "Master Bonecarver"
      .. Pet Items, "Collarcarver"
      .. Statues, "Statuecarver"
      .. Furniture, "Furniturecarver"
Cooking, "Cook"
  .. Dishes, "Chef"
      .. Pies, "Master Piebaker"
      .. Soups, "Master Soupmaker"
      .. Puddings, "Master Puddingchef"
      .. Icecreams, "Icecreamer"
      .. Rolls, "Roller"
      .. Cookies, "Cookiecutter"
      .. Cakes, "Cakebaker"
      .. Baking, "Master Baker"
      .. Steaming, "Master Steamer"
      .. Sauceing, "Master Saucer"
      .. Frying, "Master Fryer"
      .. Mashing, "Masher"
  .. Drinks, "Brewer"
      .. Juices, "Master Juicer"
      .. Wines, "Master Vinter"
      .. Ales, "Master Brewer"
      .. Liquors, "Master Distiller"
  .. Alchemy, "Alchemist"
      .. Dye, "Dyemixer"
Enchanting, "Enchanter"
  .. Jewellery, "Jewelry Enchanter"
      .. Rings, "Master Ring Enchanter"
      .. Necklaces, "Master Necklace Enchanter"
      .. Bindis, "Master Bindi Enchanter"
      .. Templas, "Master Templa Enchanter"
      .. Bracelets, "Master Bracelet Enchanter"
      .. Anklets, "Master Anklet Enchanter"
      .. Earrings, "Master Earring Enchanter"
      .. Glasses, "Master Glass Enchanter"
      .. Pet Collars, "Master Collar Enchanter"
  .. Armors, "Armor Enchanter"
      .. Helmets, "Master Helmet Enchanter"
      .. Cuirasses, "Master Cuirass Enchanter"
      .. Greaves, "Master Greave Enchanter"
      .. Boots, "Master Boot Enchanter"
      .. Gauntlets, "Master Gauntlet Enchanter"
      .. Bracers, "Master Bracer Enchanter"
      .. Shields, "Master Shield Enchanter"
      .. Other, "Master Armor Enchanter"
  .. Clothing, "Clothing Enchanter"
      .. Clothing, "Master Clothing Enchanter"
  .. Weapons, "Weapon Enchanter"
      .. Axes, "Master Axe Enchanter"
      .. Blowguns, "Master Blowgun Enchanter"
      .. Bows, "Master Bow Enchanter"
      .. Crossbows, "Master Crossbow Enchanter"
      .. Daggers, "Master Dagger Enchanter"
      .. Exotic, "Master Exotic Enchanter"
      .. Maces and Hammers, "Master Maces and Hammer Enchanter"
      .. Missile Weapons, "Master Missile Enchanter"
      .. Slings, "Master Sling Enchanter"
      .. Spears, "Master Spear Enchanter"
      .. Staves, "Master Stave Enchanter"
      .. Swords, "Master Sword Enchanter"
      .. Talonous Arms, "Master Talonous Arms Enchanter"
      .. Whips, "Master Whip Enchanter"
  .. Potions, "Potion Enchanter"
      .. Pearl Potions, "Pearl Potion Enchanter"
  .. Other, "(null)"
Fishing, "Fisher"
  .. Sea-Fishing, "Seafisher"
      .. Sea-Fish, "Sea-Fish master"
  .. Fishing, "oceanfisher"
      .. All Fish, "Fishmaster"
Leatherworking, "Tanner"
  .. Leather Armor, "Armortanner"
      .. Helmets, "Helmet tanner"
      .. Cuirasses, "Cuirass tanner"
      .. Greaves, "Greave tanner"
      .. Boots, "Boot tanner"
      .. Gauntlets, "Gauntlet tanner"
      .. Bracers, "Bracer tanner"
      .. Shields, "Shield tanner"
  .. Leather Weapons, "Weapontanner"
      .. Slings, "Sling Tanner"
      .. Whips, "Whip Tanner"
  .. Miscellaneous, "Master Tanner"
      .. Containers, "Bag Master"
      .. Pet Items, "Collar Tanner"
Mining, "Miner"
  .. Ore, "Ore miner"
      .. Mitrill, "Mitrill miner"
      .. Adamantite, "Adamantite miner"
      .. Meteorite, "Meteorite miner"
  .. Gemstone, "Gemstone miner"
      .. Diamond, "Diamond miner"
      .. Jade and Obsidian, "Obsidian miner"
Salvaging, "salvager"
  .. Skinning, "skinner"
      .. Scales, "Scaleskinner"
      .. Hides, "Hideskinner"
      .. Skin, "Master skinner"
      .. Fur, "Pelter"
  .. De-Boning, "Bone Collector"
      .. Bones, "Bone Stripper"
      .. Carapache, "Carapache Collector"
  .. Butchering, "butcher"
      .. Flesh, "Master Butcher"
      .. Organs, "Organ Butcher"
Smithing, "Smith"
  .. Metal Jewellery, "Jeweler"
      .. Rings, "Ringsmith"
      .. Necklaces, "Necklacesmith"
      .. Bindis, "Bindismith"
      .. Templas, "Templasmith"
      .. Bracelets, "Bracersmith"
      .. Anklets, "Ankletsmith"
      .. Earrings, "Earringsmith"
      .. Glasses, "Optometrist"
  .. Metal Armor, "Armorsmith"
      .. Helmets, "Helmsmith"
      .. Cuirasses, "Master Armorsmith"
      .. Greaves, "Greavesmith"
      .. Boots, "Bootsmith"
      .. Gauntlets, "Gauntletsmith"
      .. Bracers, "Bracersmith"
      .. Shields, "Shieldsmith"
  .. Metal Weapons, "Weaponsmith"
      .. Axes, "Axesmith"
      .. Daggers, "Daggersmith"
      .. Exotics, "Exoticsmith"
      .. Maces, "Macesmith"
      .. Hammers, "Hammersmith"
      .. Spears, "Spearsmith"
      .. Staves, "Stavesmith"
      .. Swords, "Swordsmith"
      .. Talons, "Talonsmith"
  .. Miscellaneous, "Tinkersmith"
      .. Tools, "Toolsmith"
      .. Widgets, "Master Tinkersmith"
      .. Pet Items, "Petsmith"
      .. Statues, "Figurine Smith"
      .. Furniture, "Furniture Smith"
Stonecarving, "Stonecarver"
  .. Armor, "armorcarver"
      .. Helmets, "Helmetcarver"
      .. Cuirasses, "Cuirasscarver"
      .. Greaves, "Greavecarver"
      .. Boots, "Bootcarver"
      .. Gauntlets, "Gauntletcarver"
      .. Bracers, "Bracercarver"
      .. Shields, "Shieldcarver"
  .. Weapons, "Weaponcarver"
      .. Axes, "Axecarver"
      .. Maces, "Macecarver"
      .. Hammers, "Hammercarver"
      .. Projectiles, "Projectilecarver"
  .. Miscellaneous, "Master Stonecarver"
      .. Statues, "Statuecarver"
      .. Furniture, "Furniture Carver"
      .. Tools, "Toolcarver"
Tailoring, "Tailoring"
  .. Clothing, "Clothier"
      .. Pants, "Pant tailor"
      .. Robes, "Robe tailor"
      .. Shirts, "Shirt tailor"
      .. Skirts, "Skirt tailor"
      .. Cloaks, "Cloak tailor"
      .. Dress, "Dress tailor"
  .. Miscellaneous, "Master Tailor"
      .. Decorations, "Flowermaster"
      .. Pet Items, "Pet Collar tailorer"
Woodcarving, "Woodcarver"
  .. Weapons, "Weaponcarver"
      .. Bows, "Bowyer"
      .. Blowguns, "Blowgun Carver"
      .. Crossbows, "Crossbow Carver"
      .. Clubs, "Clubcarver"
      .. Spears, "Spearcarver"
      .. Staves, "Stavecarver"
      .. Projectiles, "Projectile carver"
  .. Armors, "Armorcarver"
      .. Helmets, "Helmet carver"
      .. Cuirasses, "Cuirascarver"
      .. Greaves, "Greavecarver"
      .. Boots, "Bootcarver"
      .. Gauntlets, "Gauntletcarver"
      .. Bracers, "Bracercarver"
      .. Shields, "Shieldcarver"
  .. Miscellaneous, "Master Carver"
      .. Pet Items, "Petcarver"
      .. Tools, "Toolcarver"
      .. Statues, "Figurine Carver"
      .. Furniture, "Furniture carver"
Woodcutting, "Logger"
  .. Wood, "Master Logger"
      .. Temperate Forest, "Temperate Logger"
      .. Enchanted Woods, "Enchanting Logger"
      .. Dark Forest, "Dark Logger"
      .. Jungle, "Jungle Logger"
Foraging, "Forager"
  .. Miscellaneous, "Master Forager"
      .. Mushrooms and Molds, "Mushroom Forager"
      .. Plants and Flowers, "Florist"
      .. Fruits, "Fruit Forager"
      .. Insects, "Insect Forager"
      .. Condiments, "Condiment Forager"


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PostPosted: Mon Apr 11, 2005 6:10 am 

Joined: Wed Sep 22, 2004 3:53 pm
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Well, I will start with this, and get some feedback. Got to start someplace.

Bonecarving, "BoneArtist"

.. Weapons, "HardBoneCrafter"
.. Bows, "IvoryBowLaminator"
.. Blowguns, "BoneTubeArtist"
.. Crossbows, "LaminatedCrossbowCrafter"
.. Clubs, "BoneClubMaster"
.. Spears, "SpearPointExpert"
.. Staves, "ReinforcedStaveMaster"
.. Projectiles, "FinePointArtist"
.. Armors, "SoftBoneCrafter"
.. Helmets, "MasterSkullCrafter"
.. Cuirasses, "ExoskeletonExpert"
.. Greaves, "LegBoneGuardArtist"
.. Boots, "MasterTalonMaker"
.. Gauntlets, "MasterClawMaker"
.. Bracers, "ArmBoneGuardArtist"
.. Shields, "LaminatedShieldMaster"
.. Miscellaneous, "ReconstructedBoneCrafter"
.. Pet Items, "PetCollarArtist"
.. Statues, "MasterStatueCaster"
.. Furniture, "BoneCarpenterExpert"


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PostPosted: Mon Apr 11, 2005 8:18 am 
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I have a few suggestions since most of it is fine:
1. Fisher -> Fisherman?
2. Carapache -> Carapace (spelling issue)
3. Im not sure if you were going for uniformity but for stone and wood i suggest using the original type, even tho it might not sound good for all of them. Stone is chiseling, so Shield chiseler...bit strange but it makes him different from a bone shield carver. Wood - Boot whittler, again accurate but perhaps not very poetic. Mb ppl can make up some appropriate names.
4. For the mastery i might also suggest Carpenter for the Miscellaneous section of wood.
5. Projectile carver in wood -> Fletcher (person who makes arrows)
6. Woodcutting: Logger -> Lumberjack, it’s a classic :) , Forester (this is however also an epic title so perhaps not appropriate)
6. For woodcarving: crossbows - Atilliator: skilled castle worker who made crossbows/ engineer who was in charge of the artillery (medieval)

How are all these titles going to be portrayed? Forgive me if i havent read the craft patch notes recently but it seems to me that ppl with lots of masteries are going to have a heck of a lot of titles.

~Silvanos Rosvalin, Lux Sapientiae and the High Lord of Hosts~


 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2005 11:49 pm 

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I hope this is the right spot for this post?

The term “Blueprintâ€


 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2005 7:28 pm 
Cooking, "Cook"
.. Dishes, "Chef"
.. Rolls, "BreadBaker"
.. Cakes, "PastryChef"
.. Frying, "Fry Chef"
.. Mashing, "Irish Gourmet" :twisted:
.. Drinks, "Beveragist"?
.. Ales, "BrewMaster"

Fishing, "Fisher"
.. Sea-Fishing, "Inlandfisher"
.. Lake Fish, "Freshwater master"
.. Fishing, "Oceanfisher"
.. Ocean Fish, "Ocean master"

Salvaging, "Renderer"
.. Skinning, "Flesher"
.. Scales, "Scaler"
.. Fur, "Furrier"

Stonecarving, "Stonemason"

Foraging, "Scavanger"
.. Miscellaneous, "Master Forager"
.. Mushrooms and Molds, "Fungologist" (fungology is actually a word)
.. Plants and Flowers, "Herbalist"
.. Fruits, "Orchard Master"

Tailoring, "Tailoring"
.. Miscellaneous, "Master Tailor"
.. Decorations, "Floral Arranger"

This is all I could think of, I may or may not think of somemore, depends on how much interest I can muster. Maybe I'll find my thesaurus someday and try and find 'older' sounding words for a few things so they seem more fantasy/medievil (however its spellt). Theres gotta be a better word for bone carving than 'carving', I hate seeing the word used twice and three times (bone, wood, stone). Would suggest Carpenter for wood, if things like 'Bracer Carpenter' didnt sounds so....silly.

Maybe laminator for either wood, or bone, just to make them different. Stone could be 'chipping', even though chiseling is more accurate (but again, chiseler sounds silly), and masonry is more for building that armor/weapons making....though it would still be good for the beginner stone worker. Someone will think of something, I'm sure....sorta.

Well, off to kill more time waiting for the MUD to let me connect.


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PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2005 8:33 pm 
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Instead of 'carve' you can also use 'Hew'

Hewer of Bows
Hewer of Staves
Hewer of Pixies

~Vogar Eol, Beater of Blades
Thane Ezbad,
The Circle of Steel


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