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[11-01-2005] Testing on Codeport (Implemented)
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Author:  Celeborn [ Tue Jan 11, 2005 8:27 pm ]
Post subject:  [11-01-2005] Testing on Codeport (Implemented)

Big mining changes! See below for a summary. (Copied right from my note file, so may be a bit garbled.

World map mines!

- 9 depth-levels on the maps.
- When a mine is collapsed during a players absense from the game, players are shifted to higher layers.
- Caves require at least 6 filled neighbouring locations to
support them, or they will collapse. A reinforced room
requires only 4.
- mines are stored through reboot.
- Dynamic. Water flows, mines collapse, things mutate over time.
- GODFORGES: confidential: will be tested with select group of testers.
- Terrain generation:
- Small/big chests and fossilized eggs pop all across the mines.
- Random old 'mining shafts' are generated
- Layers are physically seperated, only flights of stairs allow you to pass
between layers.
- Mines under water level become moist, and start leaking in all directions.
- A spring streams water in a certain direction, and has a chance of erodingsurrounding material.
- Dwarves and Gerplings can use 'mine smell' to prospect the surrounding area.
- Cannot mine into water.
- Underground encounters are disabled.
- Specials cannot translocate into water.
- Scry is blocked underground.
- Farsight is blocked to underground targets.
- Cannot use sextant underground.
- Cannot use Spyglass underground.
- Earth God
- Earth god, when slain, enriches an area surrounding the god with random minerals.
- Added a broadcast message to wizards that lets them know when a player enchants an object with one of the special forges.
- Claiming Mines
- claims cost 2000 gold.
- 'mine claim' can be used to claim an area surrounding the miner.
- a miner can hold only one claim at a time.
- Only the person who claimed a location can mine there.
- claims dissolve when the miner has been logged of for about one minute, or the miner invokes a new claim somewhere else.

Other changes
+ Added a 15 level range restriction for EXP gains. If a level 17 subdues a mobile, and a level 1 kills it, the game considers it a lack of challange and does not reward XP. If the mobile heals above 50% hitpoints it is reset, and the level 1 can gain exp from it on a kill.
+ Bandages can be applied during combat, but have a 2/3 chance of being dropped (and ruined).
+ Splints can be applied during combat, but have a 9/10 chance of being dropped (and ruined).
+ Bandages can be applied on specific bodyparts. (bandage <person>
+ Splints can be applied on specific bodyparts. (splint <person>

Author:  Celeborn [ Thu Jan 13, 2005 9:38 pm ]
Post subject: 

tweaks per 13-1-2005
- ores dont stack into a big stack of items on map.
- More Copper, iron, silver and gold ores mineable from each patch.
- Rooms underground are considered underground. :P
- Hide placeholders on different levels.
- Granite and sandstone enabled.
- Level nine of mines now reachable (oopsy! :P)
- NE/SE/NW/SW mining isn't available by design.
- Claims are account-based now.
- You can now 'mine friend <name>' to share claims.
- When you mine something you arent skilled in, you ruin part of it.
- Mining something you arent skilled in slowly raises your skill.
- Coded new mine prospecting by looking at directions for dwarves.
- Treasure chests and pet eggs properly enclosed in stone.
- Can now walk under zoom-map-entraces.
- Tweaked mine collapsing.
- Claims can only be replaced/removed by the original creator, not miningbuddies for that claim.
- Sound coming from the wrong direction: fixed.
- Claim only works underground.
- Players ghostdeath properly when they are mine-slayed, and are place at the surface.
- mining after cavein death functions properly now.

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