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 Post subject: [05-01-2005] testing on codeport (Implemented)
PostPosted: Wed Jan 05, 2005 4:22 pm 
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We are currently testing:

All shop items currently in shops are automatically identified. Shop owners are charged five gold for any items they put in their shop unidentified, which are then automatically identified.

You get drunk when you fail your fortitude save.

Spin can only hit up to 8 monsters.

Anti-Magic shell
Anti magic shell duration and protection decreased. Mana cost and casting
time doubled.

Inner peace
Inner peace gives more balance at lower effects, but is capped.

Resistances capped at 90%

Epic Dungeons XP
Epic boss mobiles give quad-xp. Elite epic mobiles give double-xp.

Epic Dungeons Traps
Boulder and slab traps damage has been tweaked, and allow you to roll against a fair DC value instead of an impossible one.

Instead of chests being totally random, Each mob you kill increases the chance of encountering a chest. Leveling increases the chance of encountering a chest too. This causes a balanced distribution of chests.

shield enchantment space
Shield enchantment space made equal to that of a weapon.

weapon damage
Players with a 60%-99% weapon skill get up to 0-50% extra damage, to make the base damage they do comparable to casters.

Your mobility is split up into two values: Low mobility, and high mobility. When required, a random value is picked between your Low mobility and High mobility. To hit you, the attacker has to roll above that random value.

High mobility raises faster than low mobility, and has no cap. Low mobility cannot be raised above 70. The division by 3 formerly applied to high mobility values has been removed.

Chance for critical
Attack vs. Mobility no longer defines criticals or wounding. it now defines if the attacker hit the victim, and no more. When an attacker hits, the attackers weapon (material, level, quality and other factors) is weighed against the victims armor (material, level, innately weak- or freshly damaged spots in the armor and other factors). This defines the chance of a possible critical + wounding effects.

Epic magic complexity
All your primary magical schools increase by one every 30 epic levels or so. Any magical school that reaches a maximum complexity of 30 BASED ON CLASS COMPLEXITY ONLY are considered your primary magic schools.

Aimed attacks
It is now HARDER to aim at a specific body part, instead of it being easyer.

Negative hitpoint bug
Fixed negative hitpoint death bugs.

justice bugs
Fixed 'death-by-mobile incriminates the last player who hit me for attack' bug.

Added extra treasure map types to fishing.

On a critical, there is a percentage chance of a critical happening, defined by the number of hitpoints left. Head and Torso critical wounds are not possible above 50% of his or her max hitpoints.

After regenerating a critical wound (severs, broken bones), no regeneration spell can be casted on the regenerated person until a short recuperation time has passed.

Piercing weapon critical wound
Piercing weapons can cause a critical wound: deep gash.

Critical multiplier
Weapon material defines maximum critical multiplier, while armor caps high critical multipliers. Maximum critical multiplier is 10x.

Example multipliers:
A wooden sword has a x2 max multiplier.
A cloth armor has a x10 multiplier cap.
An emeralite sword has a x10 max multiplier.
An emeralite armor has a x3 multiplier cap.

When an emeralite sword criticals against an emeralite armor, the emeralite sword will generate a critical in the range of x2 to x10. Because of the emeralite armor critical cap, any roll above x3 becomes a x3 roll.

Object damage
Objects damage a lot slower. Objects are vulnerable to a certain damage type, and resistant to another. It should take about 200 hits to wear a vulnerable item down, 400 hits to wear a normal item down, and 800 hits to wear a resistant item down. I know it would be more realistic to shred cloth armor instantly on metal armor touch, but that would make it somewhat unplayable.

Magical armor is considered to have been treated against its innate weaknessess. Blessed armor is less likely to be damaged.

Change sex
Sex spell can only be cast on self.

Cloth, wood and metal's armor/attack values have been dispersed in a logical fasion.

Using fill and empty in structures is possible using the 'construct fillempty' command. when it is set, it allows the usage of fill and empty in a structure room.

Open issues
- patch effect on the runeword Metaltearer.
- Base attack is about 20 lower than Low Mobility.
- Armor that protects two bodyparts (two arms) shouldn't fall off when one part is severed.
- System always attacks left appendage, and refuses to attack if left is severed.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 05, 2005 5:09 pm 
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Joined: Tue Sep 14, 2004 1:12 am
Posts: 739
Location: Delft, The Netherlands
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