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 Post subject: Mud upgraded to 2.2.32: Auctionhouse/XP tweaks
PostPosted: Wed Jul 28, 2010 11:54 am 
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+ XP gain generally experienced as being too fast, decreased XP gain per kill mid/high level.
+ Capped XP penalty, so xp/kill stays at 5xp at least, until the last 10 epic levels.
+ Combat machines spawn with a spiked beam to ensure full training.
+ All ancestry forms now available at e900.
+ Added darkvision affect to dark elves.
+ 'achievement who clear' can now be used to clear badge from who.
+ Examining auction containers with contents shows contents.
+ Added shortcuts for auction commands. (auc l substance, etc).
+ [Balance] Pet toys: common toys now drop less often, rare toys more often.
+ [Abusefix] XP for releasing prisoners is now properly scaled for each player in the party.
+ [Abusefix] Trap and Cocoon release XP slightly lowered, and capped at 500 xp, regardless of level.
+ [Crashfix] Elementals in traps could crash the mud.
+ [Bugfix] Shout and Yell side effects do not trigger if player doesn't actually shout.
+ [Bugfix] Auction sell will only sell one item at a time (or portals with resources).
+ [Bugfix] Can no longer engrave substances.
+ [Bugfix] Certain ancestry affects were never applied. Fixed.
+ [Bugfix] Some NPCs never used melee weapons, only brawl or range, fixed.
+ [Bugfix] If an area soft range is outside an areas enforced level range, the enforced level range is increased to match.
+ [Bugfix] All virtual area now have a full soft level range.
+ [Bugfix] Layered EQ now has 1/5th DR of a piece that uses all layers.
+ [Bugfix] Layered EQ now has 1/5th Mobility penalty of a piece that uses all layers.
+ [Bugfix] Damage reduction on bronze, iron and cracked bone was exceptionally high, tuned down.
+ [Bugfix] You can now leave up and/or down into the world map, depending on the area.
+ [Bugfix] Ally command no longer interrupts delayed commands (like crafts).
+ [Bugfix] Tanned leather made flexible, which should make it usable in leatherworking crafts.
+ [Bugfix] Supplicate Recall actually recalls you now.
+ [Bugfix] Animate Dead spell now properly displays names for mobs that spawn from a common source, like avatars and epic 'special' dungeons.
+ [Bugfix] Removed several utility areas from area list.
+ [Bugfix] Balance get fully restored upon levelup.
+ [Bugfix] Enchant Weapon no longer blocks if the item has the (Magical) prefix; it only checks for affects and enchantments.
+ [Bugfix] You could not build anywhere due to area proximity restrictions. As a temporary workaround, checking for nearby areas is disabled; just don't build near areas!
+ [Bugfix] Guildtalk and Allytalk should now support ignore.
+ [Bugfix] musical sheets now have a fixed- and non-displayed size.
+ [Bugfix] removed number:(null) description for cits. Player cits are now either citadel title or [player structure].
+ [Helpfix] Removed reference of 'full hitpoints' in animate dead helpfile.
+ [Helpfix] Removed some typo's from Discoveries helpfile.
+ [Helpfix] Updated help inside setgroup command to clarify 'ally' can be used to create AND break alliance.
+ [Helpfix] Elaborated in summon_equipment that logout/disconnect will cause loss of items.
+ [Buildfix] Fixed Coral Depths Beach Shoppe key prices, now properly 500 and 1000 gold.
+ [Buildfix] Added title to west exit of New Tarsonis, so it shows on map properly.
+ [Buildfix] Globe in midian royal library fixed.
+ [Buildfix] Giant bunnies no longer giants.
+ [Buildfix] Grasshopers now animals.
+ [Buildfix] harax whistle: cannister -> canister, fiinger -> finger.
+ [Typofix] Hight -> Height in labugatory
+ [Typofix] Topal->Topaz in pendant spell.
+ [Typofix] fixed typo in teapot dance social.
+ [Typofix] cna->can in wake helpfile.
+ [Typofix] Fixed typo in some muffins: ettercamp -> ettercap (will not fix existing muffins)
+ [Typofix] Fixed typo in hero square.
+ [Typofix] com-plexity -> Complexity in natura complexity baboos.
+ [Typofix] Fixed typo in D'mona mob description.
+ [Typofix] uncut substance now properly part of gemcutting recipe process.


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