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Mud upgraded to 2.2.30: Combat fixes, Tarsonis Map
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Author:  Celeborn [ Sun Jul 18, 2010 9:59 am ]
Post subject:  Mud upgraded to 2.2.30: Combat fixes, Tarsonis Map

Changes in 2.2.30

+ Pet gear (collars, barding) accepts /any/ baboo now. Given the small number of wear locations.
+ [Help] Updated helpfiles TARSONIS and TARSONIS_LEGEND
+ [Abusefix] Linkdead players no longer gain experience.
+ [Balancefix] Decreased pop frequency of treasure maps.
+ [Balancefix] Made lamellar dragonwing cheaper to produce.
+ [Bugfix] Mobiles will ignore targets that are dead when selecting an opponent based on hate.
+ [Bugfix] Combat system will ignore dead targets when selecting an opponent.

+ [Bugfix] Runewalking to a citadel should no longer cause a 'You seem to have been transported to a different location' message.
+ [Bugfix] Participants will automatically leave a fight if they are no longer in the same room with an enemy.
+ [Bugfix] Equipment given to summons can now be retrieved upon death. (see help SUMMON_EQUIPMENT)
+ [Bugfix] Arena no longer takes XP on death.
+ [Bugfix] Fixed bug causing many pet special attacks to cause a fraction of their normal damage.
+ [Bugfix] Lights are properly compared again (which item you exam first is still important).
+ [Bugfix] Updated so supplicate recall and other recall abilities go to Myth's Bar and Grill by default, instead of nowhere.
+ [Bugfix] When summoning rats to your aid, 1-3 rats count as one summoning slot, 4-6 rats as two, etc.
+ [Bugfix] When kicking someone from party, they stop following automatically.
+ [Bugfix] When an item gets substance changed, double spaces in the resulting item summary will no longer occur.
+ [Bugfix] Entrance/Exit mobile scripts of old areas function again.
+ [Bugfix] Experimentally Fixed room and object area scripts; might cause some issues on their own but only way to keep all the legacy stuff working.
+ [Bugfix] Pets no longer lose loyalty for a short time after a pet trade.
+ [Bugfix] north, east, south, west, up, down, ne,nw,se,sw can now be repeated without a spam disconnect.
+ [Bugfix] Several damage progs no longer functioned because the supermob who acts them out turned pacifist @_@.
+ [Bugfix] Soulbinding plants now creates nature runes.
+ [Bugfix] Made it so you can no longer buckle eggs, toys, and some other items to your pet.
+ [Bugfix] When an action, like label, separates an object from a stack, it no longer erroneously puts it at the bottom of the inventory list.
+ [Crashfix] Throwing corpses while under an influence of any 'your ranged attacks become <elementaltype>' effect could crash the mud.
+ [Buildfix] Added dog, cat and hamster eggs and saddles to Lillobee's shop.
+ [Buildfix] Heavy cloaks now considered cloaks instead of trash, worn in right location.
+ [Buildfix] Updated all references to Tarsonis Square -> Hero Square.
+ [Buildfix] Gauntlets of Dexterity are hand gear again.
+ [Typofix] Tailor made -> Tailor-made
+ [Typofix] Labugatory The Doom -> The Dome
+ [Typofix] daravol piderwebs -> spiderwebs
+ [Typofix] Renamed tiger, wolf, worg and wolverine babies to cubs.
+ [Typofix] Mirriors->Mirrors Tezcatlipoca
+ [Typofix] Travel sometimes reported you couldn't travel that far, while it should say your mount, and vice-versa.
+ [Typofix] fixed several 'at at' typo's in skill attacks.
+ [Typofix] Fixed swirl of ether ground description.

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