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Mud upgraded to 2.2.27: more bugfixes!
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Author:  Celeborn [ Sun Jul 04, 2010 1:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Mud upgraded to 2.2.27: more bugfixes!

Lots of fixes in 2.2.27, most of the backlog has been fixed now.

+ Moved runewright recipes to 'Runewright' category.
+ Added 'cheap magical ink' + 'identify scroll' recipe to Runewright, to make levelling cheaper.
+ Stalkers will match players skill level in harvest crafts.
+ [Crashfix] fixed some rare cases where virtual areas (cits/overland) could overlap.
+ [Crashfix] fixed crash bug related to stalkers being in limbo.
+ [Bugfix] decreased vnums in use by virtual legacy maps.
+ [Bugfix] Lava is damaging again (it no longer destroys equipment however).
+ [Bugfix] Pets in highscore will now be capitalized (will also capitalize new pet highscore treasure).
+ [Bugfix] Looting on death will no longer trigger when the corpse isn't there.
+ [Bugfix] Rescued prisoners now give XP regardless if you are still in the same room when they leave.
+ [Bugfix] In some cases, an arena bet would not pay out.
+ [Bugfix] Losing your bet in the arena no longer allows you to win it next round if the same player wins.
+ [Bugfix] Processed resources are no longer get a crafter signature.
+ [Bugfix] Crafting related achievements ported to new system.
+ [Bugfix] Can now craft steel by processing more iron ore + coal.
+ [Bugfix] Craft 'Process' will no longer fail silently when there are 3 or more recipes that match the given ingredient.
+ [Bugfix] Gear with detect traps will now make (Trap) appear in front of trapped items, just like rogue.
+ [Bugfix] falling will now properly cause collision with the floor, and a balance hit (no damage atm).
+ [Bugfix] Backstab will now properly cause a critical hit (guaranteed at least x2).
+ [Bugfix] Summon Guardian spell will now create guardians of player level, capped by fec.
+ [Bugfix] Summoned Guardians have boosted stats now.
+ [Bugfix] Slightly increased damage per fec on bloodtap. Made bloodtap a low complexity spell so more fecs fit in.

+ [Bugfix] Replaced 'the sage' duplicate achievement with 'The Guru'.
+ [Bugfix] While mounted on a flying mount, you will not fall off whenever you enter a room without floor.
+ [Bugfix] Epic characters no longer lose experience if they gain more than required for level (for example, 4900 + 2500 daily reward yields +1 level and 2400xp).
+ [Bugfix] Suggest option will no longer be shown in epics and other virtual areas (now really really!)
+ [Bugfix] All summoned mobs guaranteed to have at least one hitpoint.
+ [Bugfix] Removed all references to appetite.
+ [Bugfix] substances will no longer refuse to stack (old resources might).
+ [Bugfix] Severed arms now cause a loss of shoulder equipment.
+ [Bugfix] Minions that help harvesting should now harvest into your inventory.
+ [Bugfix] Fixed 'help prompt_colors' coloring (keyword hightlighting was interfering).
+ [Bugfix] Minions will report when they failed harvesting (when they would've destroyed they were silent before).
+ [Bugfix] Made Minion failed harvesting more robust. (Minions will /never/ destroy resources!)
+ [Bugfix] Both Compare and Exam will now show values with percentage sign in them correctly (sharpen % duplicated in Compare).
+ [Bugfix] Triple-digit complexities no longer break score layout.
+ [Bugfix] Projectile weapons now properly show a message again.
+ [Bugfix] Elemental or racial damage bonuses will no longer show up on non-weapons.
+ [Bugfix] Elemental bonus damage (for example, ettercap, or runes) are now applied separately from normal damage.
+ [Bugfix] Elemental BONUS damage (not main weapon damage type!) is unmodified by anything but resists.
+ [Bugfix] Disconnect from idle now disabled for players in game.

+ [Shopfix] Gershnitzel's Shop Of Curious Thingamajigs opened up in Lampion street!
+ [Shopfix] removed one of the duplicate valentine shops.
+ [Buildfix] Updated noteboard at academy hag.
+ [Buildfix] Newly crafted bags of holding no longer glued shut.
+ [Buildfix] Changed newbie buckler to leather.
+ [Buildfix] Bark really made out of bark now.
+ [Buildfix] Added 'pool of divine tears' right below Castle of Mystical angels (near armageddon).
+ [Buildfix] Moved Armageddon slightly to the south east to prevent overlap.
+ [Buildfix] not sure what to make of this, but named a hidden compartment in chapel.
+ [Buildfix] Transformed fish skeleton substance from cloth to bone.
+ [Buildfix] Transformed seaweed substance from cloth to plant.
+ [Buildfix] Fixed strange greeting: "Hi midian, welcome to midian!" midian guards
+ [Buildfix] Mithril mace turned mithrill.
+ [Typofix] Fixed error in 'help spells'
+ [Typofix] Fixed typo in 'help spell'
+ [Typofix] Fixed pet trait Cureing -> Curing.
+ [Typofix] Fixed some typo's in generic crafting process.
+ [Typofix] pet score will properly refer to pet as She/He/It instead of You.
+ [Typofix] Fixed several set of adventurer's items
+ [Typofix] Pounching->pouncing in pet talent pounce
+ [Typofix] Fixed typo in gorzoo janitor
+ [Typofix] Silver greaves -> A pair of silver greaves
+ [Typofix] Astral plane fuffy clouds -> fluffy clouds.

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