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Mud upgraded to 2.2.26: Bugfixes
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Author:  Celeborn [ Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:12 am ]
Post subject:  Mud upgraded to 2.2.26: Bugfixes

Changes in 2.2.26

+ Added flag to set overland sectors as deathtraps.
+ Processing leather is no longer a time consuming process.
+ Added voting request to daily XP reward.
+ [Crashfix] auction view without arguments no longer crashes the mud.
+ [Crashfix] Fixed auction list mine
+ [Bugfix] Fixed imbued runic silk: Decreased mobility penalty, increased value.
+ [Bugfix] Cloth accidentally had traits of imbued runic silk! fixed now.

+ [Bugfix] Summon Guardian and Mound of Flesh vampire spells no longer cause caster MR checks.
+ [Bugfix] All of the retaliating shields have a visual effect now.
+ [Bugfix] removed 'craft unlearn', because unlearning recipes serves no purpose in current setup.
+ [Bugfix] loosing flight over impassible mountains causes death.
+ [Bugfix] resting no longer prevents falling.
+ [Bugfix] Waypoint travel will use mount move while mounted.
+ [Bugfix] World range deem now functions correctly.
+ [Bugfix] Crafter name properly applied to crafted items.
+ [Bugfix] Crafted items now properly flagged as crafted, which doubles enchant space (not on already crafted gear).
+ [Bugfix] No longer have to pay money when bidding on your own auction (and failing).
+ [Bugfix] Gold taken is no longer misreported if part of it is from your pouch and part from your balance.
+ [Bugfix] On world map scry will no longer fizzle if you repeatedly cast it.
+ [Bugfix] Skill based prospecting functions again.
+ [Bugfix] Looking in mined-out directions doesn't trigger prospecting.
+ [Bugfix] Carved gears (cogs) actually carved now, not forged.
+ [Bugfix] Score shows correct carried gold amount if it is over 5000.
+ [Bugfix] Pets with minimal hitpoints at birth are ensured to have at least 1 hp.
+ [Bugfix] Lights show wear location 'light' in compare.
+ [Buildfix] fixed several cotton items to actually be made out of cotton.
+ [Buildfix] fixed waterfall deathtrap in gallery.
+ [Buildfix] fixed a lot of broken teleport scripts in areas due to lacking TSQ. rerouted to hero square.
+ [Buildfix] fixed bad exit in chessboard near black knight.
+ [Buildfix] Prevented name generation on named mobs in in Arma
+ [Typofix] You dare disturb me? in forsaken.are
+ [Typofix] restless bone was called living bone.
+ [Typofix] imflicted inflicted.
+ [Typofix] killed my sun -> son
+ [Typofix] a evil -> an evil
+ [Typofix] Staue -> Statue
+ [Typofix] into it's face -> into its face.
+ [Typofix] satified -> satisfied
+ [Typofix] pirahna -> piranha
+ [Typofix] cedar -> cedar wood.
+ [Typofix] Someone has carelessly discarded violin
+ [Typofix] leather jacket -> removed chill reference.
+ [Typofix] Customier -> Costumier (Hatter and Pets)

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