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Mud has been upgraded to 2.2.20: NPC Shops are back
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Author:  Celeborn [ Fri Jun 18, 2010 11:00 am ]
Post subject:  Mud has been upgraded to 2.2.20: NPC Shops are back

+ NPC Shops are back!
+ Decreased craft skill costs.
+ Added 'suggest' command so players can suggest missing room descriptions. (help suggest)

+ [Typofix] fixed typo in ironwood.
+ Added helpfile for upgrades (help upgrades)
+ Added helpfile for dwarven coalificator (help coalificator)
+ Added helpfile reference for Demonic/Angelic Ancestry
+ Locate Object skips items in citadels and other virtual areas, unless you are in that virtual area.
+ Dwarven coalificator now returns 5 coal for 3 bronze ingots, to offset the initial coal cost.
+ [Bugfix] Dragonform spell now functions for all dragon ancestries. (help dragonform).
+ [Bugfix] Races/Ancestries with elemental attacks should now see effect (melee/range).
+ [Shopfix] Added tarsonis courier (mail) to tarsonis harbour.
+ [Shopfix] Restored the paint shop in the new tarsonis lighthouse.
+ [Shopfix] Coral: The Coral Depths Beach Shoppe, Mer Village Store
+ [Shopfix] Chapel of the gods: Vatican Gift Shop
+ [Shopfix] Kender: Grocery store, Bakery Shop, Herbalist, General Store, Kendermore Pub, Kender Weapon Shop, Kender Hunting Shop.
+ [Shopfix] Ocean Keep: the market
+ [Shopfix] Silver streams: bakery, Dairy Shop, Butcher, General Store
+ [Shopfix] Tullfuhrzky Manor: The Garden
+ [Shopfix] Forsaken: Butcher, Dark Elven Smith
+ [Shopfix] The Marriage Cathedral: Grand Wedding Shop
+ [Shopfix] Goraths Fiendish Zoo: Concession Stand,
+ [Shopfix] Tyr: Abduals Trinkets, Pedro's armory, Tarlin's weapon shop, The Scribe's emporium, Rastilin's Magic Shoppe
+ [Shopfix] Midennir: Jack's Dusty Saloon.
+ [Shopfix] Ivory Keep: The Keep's Store Room
+ [Shopfix] Midian: Many shops
+ [Shopfix] Thieves forest: 3 shops
+ [Shopfix] Popoeta: The Herb Shop
+ [Shopfix] Dwarven Village: Hide Tooth Shop, Granite Head's bakery
+ [Shopfix] Deleted empty shop in sentinel.

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