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 Post subject: Mud has been upgraded to 2.2.18
PostPosted: Sat Jun 12, 2010 9:19 am 
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I'm moving towards more frequent releases again. First up, a new feature I started on to bridge the usual gap between a new release- and bug reports, derailed by my sudden move! oopsie. :p

+ Recipe: Presentation Case, Craftmanship e2100, produces a presentation case to present your crafted item in.
+ Recipe: A jar of glue, Artificer (Inventions) e250, produces a jar of glue as craft component from miners bane.
+ Miners bane is now Scrounged (forager) instead of mined.
+ Silver nuggets are now a rare spawn on the world map, in mother lode.
+ Gold nuggets are now a very rare spawn on the world map, in mother lode.
+ nuggets have luster, and are primarily used for crafting upgrades.

Style your items! Anything like focal gems to decorative plating is available, more than 40 different upgrades!

For example, swordcrafters will be able to take any number of kits and upgrade a sword's blade, edge, crossguard, grip, pommel.

Since there are no helpfiles yet, here's a short introduction:
1. Key to getting upgrade recipes is a high craftmanship and maximized crafts; most upgrade recipes require a combination of the two. If you are high level and see nothing, try to increase your craft, that should reward new recipes.
2. craft the upgrade like you would any other item.
3. combine <newly crafted kit> <target item>. Not all items combine (can't embroider metal armor for example, or plate cloth), just play around with it. Note you can only upgrade items you are proficient in, swordcrafters cannot upgrade axes.
4. exam <item>. Your item will have gained a description.

Disclaimer: At a later date, upgrades will be used for extra enchant space, it is likely enchant space will correspond to the carat and luster of the materials used. You cannot replace upgrades! Don't upgrade your favorite items yet, until the upgrade system is in.

Some limitations: because you need a craft to go with an item type you cannot upgrade items that lack a craft. Leather upgrading will probably not work yet.

+ New Shop: From the Gooses Arse sells pristine blank blueprint scrolls
+ Added 'a jar of glue' to From The Gooses Arse shop.
+ Made greeting screen easier to read, slight rewording of character menu.
+ All helpfiles have been updated! Thanks Aaron!

+ Bugfix: Levelless items show item type properly in identify.
+ Bugfix: Spears and Staves are now the right size.
+ Bugfix: Compare properly lists armor with lower max critical as the better one.
+ Bugfix: severed ears/eyes counted as a severed gullet.
+ Bugfix: removed retired flag +autocombat from config.
+ Abusefix: Can no longer duplicate gold with the escrow system.
+ Crashfix: getting golden disk from Olgar/Folgar while summoned vermin are following crashes the mud.
+ Crashfix: buying from a shop with a shopkeeper crashes the mud. (example: baboo shop).
+ Crashfix: passing though an exit that closes afterwards crashes the mud. (example: Tower of Marwolf, 9th floor up)

Future prep:
+ Added 'shoulder' wear location. Can wear left and right shoulder items.
+ Enchanting uses helmet enchanting for shoulder for now.
+ Added 'barding' type for pet only body armor.

+ Added 'retire' command for helpfiles.
+ Added command to flag helpfiles for a review, and split help todo list into outdated and todo.


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