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 Post subject: Alefaeus' Newbie Help Guide, version 1
PostPosted: Wed Sep 01, 2010 3:06 am 
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Ok, now. We all know that the game has helpfiles and such. But they can be unclear at times, and most newbies still need aid from other players. So i have finally decided to post all i know that could help a newbie, on this forum. Here we go. Welcome to the Newbie Help Guide, Version 1.
Rolling your Character

Choose Your Name
Make sure you choose a name that everyone can roleplay around. It needs to be a name that would fit in a medieval era, and try to match your character to your name. For instance: It wouldn't make sense to name a hulking Ogre Warrior Foofee, or a small, spritely Grig Titan. If you feel the need to do this, you may need to write a description and bio that can somewhat explain your character's odd name. We'll circle back to bio's and descriptions later. Names that make reference to historical figures or creatures and/or people from cartoons are unacceptable and you will be forced to change the name.

Choose Your Gender
This one may or may not be as important to you, but the next step is to choose whether you are male, female, or neuter. If you are male or female, you may later change your sex through the use of glory points. But we'll get to that later.

Choose Your Class
This is one of the biggest choices you will make while rolling a character. You will need to think about how your class will match up with your race, starsign, and ancestry. You may have to remake your character several times before you get just the right mix for you. Warriors and Pladins will need alot of strength and mages,druids, and clerics need lots of intelligence and wisdom. Rogues need high dexterity and bards will need charisma. But you generally want to try to get your stats to be about even. We'll come back to that in a moment.

Choose Your Race
This is VERY important. Choose carefully, because your race will have a huge impact on your starting stats and abilities. Dont choose a grig or an elf if you like brute force. In that case, you would want an orc, an ogre, a dwarf, a troll, or a minotaur. Grigs, elves, and fay critters are extremely dexterous (speedy, athletic) and also tend to be more tuned to magic.

Choose Your Ancestry
Most of this is pretty self-explanatory but bear with me. Ancestries can give your character amazing stat gains, powerful and unique abilities, strange curses, and in one case, a boost to experience gains of all kinds.

Choose Your Starsign
The starsign you choose has an even bigger effect on your stats than your Race and Ancestry. It can make you into a truly powerful mage, an impenetrable warrior, an entity that absorbs magic like blackholes absorb light, or even a deity's favored worshiper, giving you special abilities like slowly gaining favor over time and having your corpse appear before you upon your death absolutely free of cost.

Choose Your Beginning Stats
All i can really say about this, generally try to make sure ALL your stats are at least 15 before selecting a set of stats. Your race, starsign, and ancestry can and will affect each stat. What you choose now will not be what you start out with, as it is actually what you would have before your race/etc affects your stats.

Choose Your Description
Just choose whatever for this. Once you've entered the game and completed the newbie sequence you can type desc and it will open a browser that will allow you to write your character's description. MAKE SURE IT MATCHES YOUR CHARACTER'S RACE! Do not put in anything like 'you are afraid' or any other nonsense like that. It is merely what your character looks like. You can read the in-game helpfile for more information.

Choose Your Status
Once you have gone through all the main character creation stuff, you will see a screen that lists all of your choices and also two other things" PVP and Permadeath. DO NOT choose EITHER of these. They are for experienced players and are difficult to excel at. Now, you enter the game and we come at last to the real reason i took the time to make this guide.

The Beginning Sequence
Congratulations, you are now officially in the game. Now just sit tight until the golem spawns you atg Brumblepot the Imp. Follow his instructions closely, and then follow Gertrude's instructions and get get your armor. Once you are wearing the armor and your weapon, make sure you are not wearing a book or some random item instead of a weapon.

Basic Commands
INVENTORY- type as inv and you will see what your character is carrying.
EQUIPMENT= equ shows you what you are wearing.
PRACTICE= prac shows you what skills/spells/party roles/and languages are available to you currently. Go to a practice trainer (Justin, in the newbie academy, is north, east, and then south from gertrude) and type prac and then w/e skill or role u need to train. practice each one once. there is anothe practice trainer in midian who wanders around, and there is a practice trainer in kendermore, at the Rune Pillar.
SLIST= brings up a list of all the skills and spells your character can learn at each level
SCORE= score you a chart showing your character's stats, favor, deaths, kills, etc
RUNEWALK= ABSOLUTELY MAKE SURE YOU READ THE RUNEWALK HELPFILE ! It is THE way of getting around. you can try walking or flyring, but itll take a helluva lot longer. rune pillars can be found in major cities and dungeons. some, the green ones, are only one way pillars.
WAYPOINT= READ THIS ONE TOO! it allows you to travel from dungeon to dungeon at an extremely fast rate of speed.

Okay, I've finished for now. If you all can think of anything i should add to it, let me know and i'll put it in version 2.

Cerbaerrus Askani, He Who Was Ninja-Married to Nyneave



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