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 Post subject: Upcoming changes
PostPosted: Fri Apr 03, 2009 7:51 pm 
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Big changes coming for the overland map, crafting and caretaker building.

You can read more here:



 Post subject: Re: Upcoming changes
PostPosted: Sat Apr 04, 2009 12:24 am 
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That sounds awesome fun, cele! squee!

I'm not sure that xp for idling is the best idea though; kia and I (at least) idle waaaay too much. we'd be rewarded for doing nothing at all :p
I could make sure I only log on when I play actively so it's fairer, but then I wouldn't be on often enough to chat to all the cool DL people!

A Mathematician is a machine for turning coffee into theorems. —Paul Erdšs (1913–1996)
Coffee Outside! For Free! Everyone Enjoy!


 Post subject: Re: Upcoming changes
PostPosted: Sat Apr 04, 2009 8:23 am 
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The online XP is a trickle compared to normal levelling. It's a calculated move to get players to keep a client active at all times, so it becomes more likely they will alt-tab into the mud when they return to the computer/take a break from whatever else they are doing (client is open anyway! so why not use it a bit). But it is not /so/ unfair that someone without flatfee internet will be left behind.

We need to escape the catch22 of needing players to attract players, so please don't IDLE less. ;)


 Post subject: Re: Upcoming changes
PostPosted: Sat Apr 04, 2009 10:42 pm 
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i can not open PDF documents :(


 Post subject: Here you go nimi
PostPosted: Sat Apr 04, 2009 10:53 pm 
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Patchnotes April 2009
World Map
Our main goal in this patch: upgrade the world map to better suit a growing mud, and serve players
with screenreaders better.
● Fully persisted wilderness
● Universe of many planes instead of just one Multiple modes of travel.
● Areas and the world are now seamlessly connected. Take one step north at the gate, and you
walk onto Alora! (Here is Tarsonis, dumped in a desert for testing). The area outline shows.
● Overland room exits are 'real' now, meaning all skills and spells that require exits will function
on the overland map. (Scan, Flee, Gravity code, etc).
1 / 14
Illustration 1: Seamless travel between areas and world
To cut down on travel time but still provide enough space for exploration, treasure hunting, and
harvesting, alternative ways of transportation have been made available.
Travel mode
While in travel mode you can move anywhere from 3 to about 80 miles at once, depending on your
transportation. The map matches your travel speed.
● Walking is 3 miles at once, or 9 miles if your walk speed is 25+.
● Mounts travel at 21 miles at once.
● Flying allows 9 miles max speed.
● Any followers in your party move with you at your speed.
● Certain sectors have drinkable liquids beyond water. ;P.
While in exploration mode you move 1 mile per step and you see every detail, useful for finding hidden
areas or rare reagents. When getting close to a landmark (for example, the spires of Tarsonis), you
2 / 14
Illustration 3: Exploration Mode, I can spot the entrance.
Illustration 2: Travel Mode, at 8 miles.
automatically enter exploration mode to make it easy to enter it. Whenever underground, you are
automatically in exploration mode.
● room-to-room walk delay changed, 200ms for light load, 300 for medium, 400 for heavy
● When lacking a mount, mounts can be rented at shops that function like phantom steed, staying
for a few minutes.
Scale and Shape
The new Alora at the time of writing is approximately 16 times as large as old Alora, allowing much
more exploration. Still, with a mount you can travel from destination to destination a lot faster than
New Alora can be best described as a disc that floats in the abyss. Several hundred mining layers deep,
it thins out towards the edges to only a few layers. The Abyss is deadly! Plunging into it means instant
Be it cloud piercing mountains, glittering spires, or an abandoned old house, landmarks will guide you
towards places of interest.
Coordinate System
A sextant now leads you to the historical, magical or social center of the . The player calculates his
coordinates based on the readings of the sextant, reading how far they are planar west, center or east,
and planar north, median or south.
On Alora this reading could be "You calculate your location 10 planar west, 4 planar south.", meaning
they can get closer to its center, Tarsonis, by moving to the 10 east and 4 north.
Old maps-in-maps
As the world is large enough, maps-within-maps are no longer needed.
3 / 14
Player Structures
Like areas, player structures are seamlessly integrated
on the world map. Any change to it reflect on the
You can build new structures near founding stones, as
long as its outside the building radius of nearby
structures. All rooms you create must be within 2 or 8
rooms of the entrance, depending if you own a hut or a
citadel. Regrettably, you can only build citadels on the surface of the world at this time.
To migrate your old citadel to its new home, type 'construct anchor' near a founding stone to plant it
there. Location is final.
Waypoints have been simplified; you can now travel 1 mile
for each movement point you have, or 3 miles when
mounted. Players with the 'double travel distance' ability
get to travel twice as far on the same movement points.
Teleporting mounts have zero movement cost, and are the
only way to travel between planes. Followers are always taken with you when you travel, the system
assumes they share your transportation.
Since your old waypoints have no meaning on the new map, they are cleared. Waypoints are capped at
4 / 14
Illustration 4: Me expanding my citadel
Crafts now respect your available free time.
Crafting Skills
Your skill in a craft is reflected by level. Whenever you craft an item, you are rewarded with XP.
Crafting Limits
No limits in the number of crafts you can adept; Whenever you level a craft, you also level your
craftmanship. Any craft XP gain follows your craftmanship level, and decreases over time similar to
class levelling. Individual skills are usually capped at e950.
Craft Level
Provided you have all the required skill ranks for a recipe, you can craft common quality items up to
your craftmanship level. (So a e1000 craftsman, e500 swordsmith can craft common swords up to
e1000, or good or better quality swords level 1-e500).
Craf Locking
You can freeze or unfreeze craft advancement by typing 'craft lock <craftname>'. This allows you to
stop levelling a craft if you do not want to improve it.
Learning the new crafts
Your old crafts are exchanged for credits. 100% old craft gives enough credits for one e500 craft skill.
While crafts go up to e950 you can only boost up to e500. You can pool credits gained for many crafts
towards a single craft.
Craft Item Quality
The old normal, special, exceptional item categories have been replaced by item quality. Common
quality items are equal to old exceptional category items in stats. Each step above common increases
the effective item level by a few. This makes common items worth using, while its worth your time to
gather good, exceptional and finally unique equipment.
● Common: Old Exceptional
● Good: effective level1 +1 (equals+8 epic levels)
● Superior: effective level +2 ( equals +16 epic levels)
● Exceptional: effective level +3 (equals +24 epic levels)
● Unique: effective level +4 (equals +32 epic levels)
Old special items are converted to superior quality. Items crafted from reward materials (emeralite) are
1 These are normal levels (levels 1 to 50). Epic levels count as 1/8th normal level.
5 / 14
automatically unique.
Craft Success
Whenever you craft you will always get a useful product. While you can get better items with multiple
attempts, even the common quality items are not that far behind the superior ones.
Crafting something you are unspecialized in, or above your specialism level, will always create a
common quality item, never above.
On average it will take a few minutes to create superior items, half an hour to create an exceptional
item, and several hours of non stop crafting to create a unique item, depending on your luck. Ofcourse,
you could always create a made-to-fit item!
A skilled crafter can create a made-to-fit item for any online player, or a player on their account. This
ability can be used once per day.
Made-to-fit items are always of exceptional quality, but bound to the target.
This facilitates the casual crafters that do not have huge amounts of time to spend, while there's still
sufficient value in creating unbound exceptional items the regular way.
Unique Items
There is a slight chance crafting creates a unique item. Upon creation of a unique item, it is bestowed a
epithet (one in one the worlds languages, and one in common).
6 / 14
Players can collect recipes, by leveling crafts or collecting them from loot or shops.
Recipes usually require a skill of certain level, some resources, and can produce of varied quality.
XP is rewarded for completing a recipe.
Crafting by Cookbook
All your recipes are accessible via the 'craft' command, allowing you
to browse organized by category. You can unlearn recipes at will.
Crafting by Resource
Simplified interface; all your products are created via a single command.
By typing 'process <resource>' a list is presented of all recipes that take that resource as an ingredient,
allowing you to quickly convert a resource to a product.
Collecting Resources
You can harvest resources on the world map by using the 'harvest' command.
Each harvesting activity has its own skill. Unlike the old system, you will destroy any resources you
are not skilled at harvesting, and salvage all you are skilled enough for.
Finishing half-crafted products
If you abort the crafting process you can continue it at a later time by typing 'use <halffinisheditem>'.
Retired Substances
Some substances were retired to give the remaining materials a more clear use. This mainly affects
wood, and processed leather. Retired materials are exchanged for remaining substances of equal or
greater worth after the patch.
New Substances
The old crafting was pretty metal centric. To give all crafts their own place the metal, cloth, leather,
bone substance groups have been completed so they can shine, each in their own way.
Each group has at least:
● One abundant training substance (bronze)
● One abundant adequate substance (iron)
● One rare enchanting favorite (mitril)
● One rare practical finisher (draconite)
● One extremely rare superior finisher (meteorite)
● One giftable legendary material (emeralite)
Other changes:
7 / 14
● Dwarven Steel available! Need e450 smelting for the recipe, 1 dwarven tincture, salvagable
from ebur roots, primarily found in loose soil, and a lot of ingredients.
● To prevent a collapse of copper economy, added coal as the most abundant mining resource and
make copper secondary. also decreased copper gains per vein. An alchemy recipe allows
converting copper to coal, and reverse.
All ore smelting requires 1 piece of coal.
Godforges > Craft Boosters
Everywhere on alora you can encounter godforges. Whenever you craft in the same room as a craft
booster, your finished product will have gained extra affects. Weapons can be imbued with a runeword.
All godforges have been ported: Frost, Lightning, Storm, Acid, Poison, Birthing, Crystalling,
Rumbling, Divine and Holy. Godforges are scattered over Alora. Multiple versions of each type of
godforge exist at any given time. Not all forges reside underground.
Earth god
The god of the earth has re-awakened!
Substances & Armor
Material engine has been replaced with something more flexible.
● Formerly cloth only baboos now only usable on flowing materials
● Formerly metal only baboos now useable on all inflexible materials
● Formerly non-cloth baboos now usable on all non-flowing materials
● Natural armor: all substances suitable for light/medium/heavy armor that are non-artificial
● Light armor: all substances with light armor tag.
● Medium armor: all substances with medium armor tag.
● Heavy armor: all substances with heavy armor tag.
● if user has overlapping armor skills (natural & light/medium/heavy), the best is used.
● in case of overlapping armor skills, both are trained.
● item spell (resonance) functions on all artificial substance items.
● item spell (needles) functions on all tailoring substance items.
● item spell (ridges) functions on all leatherwork substance items.
8 / 14
● item spell (wood/stone) functions on all woodcarve, stonecarve and bonecarve substance items.
● fixed bug preventing thorns on ironwood items.
● Everlasting substances (emeralite) never break
● Bandages can be made from all flowing materials.
● Splints can be made from truewood and wood materials.
● Divine and scourge damage types now damage objects.
Mining is directional. Given the scale
of the world mining no longer supports
claiming locations.
Whenever there are resources available
you will mine those out first, allowing
you to stripmine. Prospecting allows
you to scan several layers deep into the
mining walls.
● Mining slowly drains your movement.
● All your summons can assist in harvesting, provided they have the right skills. They never
destroy any materials if they fail. (Xorns have 100 mining skill per fec).
● Mine smell allows you to see further in the mines.
● To dig up or down, you must be in a reinforced room (except when you are on the surface).
● You can only mine up, down and directly north, east, south and west.
● You can encounter unstable walls near faultlines: Mining them from a non-reinforced mine will
collapse your mine and kill you! Unstable walls have a red background color.
● You can encounter impenetrable rock called voidstone: You can stripmine the resources
contained in it, but you cannot clear it, and anything but everlasting picks will have at least 50%
chance to break. Voidstone walls are colored cyan.
● You can craft supporting girders from lightweight and heavyweight materials. You can use light
girders to reinforce layers 1-24 of the mines, and heavy for 25+. 'use girder' to reinforce the
While the metals are nice for crafting, gemstones are the miners road to riches. Each gemstone you dig
up can be worth a few gold to millions of gold, depending on its carat, luster (dull to brilliant), and
innate value.
You will encounter: amber, citrine, carnalian, garnet, zircon, obsidian, jade, topaz, ruby, sapphire,
emerald, opal, diamond, blue diamond, sunstone, moonstone and bloodstone.
Uncut gems are worth 1/4th of its cut value.
9 / 14
Misc Changes
● Removed drag (malfunctioned).
● Flying no longer gives a sight range advantage.
● Supermob will no longer generate a 'you spot where (obj/room) is hiding' message.
● Sethome no longer allows setting home indiscriminately.
● Identical vials, like potions, are group-labeled now.
● Change to flee increased (but still 50% chance to fail).
● DR increasing Abilities now properly increase DR instead of decreasing it.
● Bards no longer stop playing when someone dies, but only when they themselves die.
● Permadeath characters only delete in situations which would normally pop a corpse.
● Rooms with no-supplicate no longer summons corpses on a fail.
● supplicate corpse no longer takes XP when it fails.
● Highways are highlighted.
● Maximum number of characters on any account increased to 32.
● Maximum sell price increased to
● Whenever a shop is destroyed, items are no longer ejected!
● Pet drinking no longer clears drink container.
● Feeding a pet toys causes them to use it.
● Added pet effect that changes its genus.
● Volley of chirps fixed.
● Fixed 'furry ears eared' spelling mistake for pets..
● Troll Regeneration trait now called Troll Genus, changing any pet with it to a troll subtype.
● You can issue commands to sleeping minions now, so commands like 'wake' are no longer
blocked. Players do get a short message the follower is asleep.
● 'burst of fire' pet ability now shoots fire arrows.
● Fixed all 'winged winged' errors in pet traits.
● bumped number of active 'old trick' effects on a pet from 20 to 255, causing less talents to
suddenly stop working.
● Overall item stacking should now be improved (Some items had sockets when they shouldn't,
causing stacks to split for no reason).
10 / 14
● As a thank you for playing players are now rewarded 2500xp every day they play. This reward
is given after 5 minutes online time.
● Online characters (be it playing or IDLING) receive a reward comparable to one kill every 5
Mud responsiveness / Timing
We've added several changes to improve mud overall responsiveness.
● Moved cooldowns to millisecond system for better precision.
● Mud heartbeat changed from 250ms to 50ms (meaning worst case you have to wait 50ms for a
command to trigger due to server sided lag, instead of 250ms).
● Autolook now waits 300 ms before triggering, allowing fast walking without overloading the
mud or spamming you.
● The mud will send data to you without artificial delays, allowing a much smoother response.
● rogue dash now decreases walk delay with 300, 200 and 100, but never below 100ms.
● Traveling troop decreases walk delay with 200ms, but never below 100ms.
● Save delay increased to 4 seconds.
● burry delay changed to 5 seconds.
● Drinking/Quaffing/etc. delay changed to 500ms outside combat, 3sec in command.
● Room to room movement now properly uses mount delay.
● Acid arrow, breath, cone, fist, meteor, now properly damage spell target instead of the caster.
● Spellcasting delay changes:
● Instant spells take 200ms
● Base spell delay: depends on spell
● For each complexity above spell complexity, casting time decreases by 25ms.
● Each fec adds 250ms to the casting time.
● Each rgy rune adds 1 second to the casting time.
● Each tar rune adds 500ms to the casting time
● Free hands divides spell delay by three
● One occupied hand halves spell delay.
● Spell delay is never lower then 500ms for non-instantaneous spells.
● race based spells fastest cast speed set to 1sec, and are unaffected by haste or free
● Base weapon speed: 5 to 8 seconds
● Skill modifier: -2.5s to +3s
● Weaponspeed improving runewords improves speed by 500ms, 1.5s and 2s
● Each fec increases weapon speed by 250ms.
● Unarmed weapon speed decrease: 2000ms
● Non-weapon speed decrease: 4000ms
● Zeraphins Celerity, -500ms to -1.5s
● Weapon speed cannot drop below 1s for jabs, 2s for thrusts, and 3s for lunges.
● Offhand dualwield weapons are twice as fast as normal.
11 / 14
Vehicles have not been coded yet.
Caretaker Changes
● Online map editing.
● Areas can be anchored to the world map, and exit rooms assigned. The mud builds an area
silhouette and places the exits at the right locations.
● Online editing extended with editing:
● Achievements
● Planes
● Landmark
● Quests
● Scripts
● Encounters
● Substances
● Skills
● Recipes
● Adding 'notes' to rooms, objects and mobiles, to indicate intention.
● Enter edit mode with 'edit'. Add new things with 'new', list current with 'list', and edit with 'edit'.
● goto can be used on the world map now: goto <plane> <x> [y] [z]
● Script engine rewritten.
● Support for /strict/ targeting (so no more player with a mob name breaking progs)
● there are a lot more triggers available.
● Scripts are no longer limited in length.
● Added 'block' command. it halts the mud program, and blocks any action that triggered
the script (if possible).
● Planes and Sectors can have scripts, which trigger on any room that are part of them.
● Exits can have scripts.
● new script flags:
● self Script activates for myself or anyone holding/equipping me.
● other Script activates for everyone but me.
● partymembers Script activates for my partymembers, or partymembers of
anyone holding/equipping me.
● leaders Script activates for party leaders.
● players Script activates for players.
● npcs Script activates for npcs.
● minions Script activates for minions (pets or charmed).
● friends Script activates for friends of me or anyone holding/equipping me. (I
am passive towards).
● enemies Script activates for enemies of me or anyone holding/equipping
me. (I am aggressive towards).
● equipment Script requires that I am equipped.
● inventory Script requires that I am in inventory.
12 / 14
● onfloor Script requires that I am not carried.
● Added wildcard matching to ACT trigger. (topic script 'match', allows things like *west*
or *w?est*).
● Added 'noprompt' flag for cutscene rooms.
● Added 'highway' flag, adding this to rooms highlights them as the main route.
● Removed idle timeout when writing scripts.
● Added script delayed events
Syntax: mpevent <player> <eventname> <delay>
Example: mpevent $subject player_jailed 8
Gives the builder a way to fire a secondary script after a few seconds.
Attaches an event to <player>. When the cooldown is reached the player generates an EVENT
in the room, triggering any EVENT scripts that match the eventname with its wildcard,
and $subject becomes the player.
Keep in mind:
- The event is not guaranteed to trigger! Design your scripts accordingly!
- The event does not trigger if the player logs out before cooldown.
- If an identically named event is triggered, the old event is replaced.
- The event always fires in whatever room the player happens to be in;
if the player walks around the trigger is not cancelled!
● Quest Engine Rewritten
● Many new triggers
● Quests are now stored with areas, allowing easier transfer between codeport and
● Objects as quest masters (room or inventory.).
● Significantly changed quests can be re-done by players.
● Added 'scripted <key> <objective description>' objective to quests, which should be
triggerable by 'mpquest complete vnum key [player]'.
● 'mpquest complete vnum key [player]' will complete the quest for the player, where
'mpquest complete vnum key' without an actor will complete the quest for every player
on the quest.
● mpquest start vnum [player]' will activate the quest for the given player, provided the
player meets the prerequisites.
● added new 'accepted' script to quests, which is triggered right after the quests are
● $actor and $room now available in quest progs.
● Quest rewards are now more generic, so they can be reused in recipes, shops, etc.
● You can give achievements after completing quests.
● Quests can now glue an NPC to the side of the player, to follow them around.
(quest edit, objective purge).
● If the player logs out, the mob is removed.
● if the player logs in, the mob is restored.
● if the player finishes or aborts the quest, the mob is cleared.
13 / 14
● When escort is killed, the quest fails.
● New Escort NPC only triggers:
● STARTED_ESCORT triggers right after escort NPC joins player party.
● CONTINUED_ESCORT triggered after escort NPC is restored after
player logs on again.
● ABORTED_ESCORT triggered after player aborts quest.
● FINISHED_ESCORT triggered after player completes quest.
14 / 14


 Post subject: Re: Upcoming changes
PostPosted: Sat Apr 04, 2009 10:57 pm 
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Still look at cele's PDF, its way prettier with pictures!


 Post subject: Re: Upcoming changes
PostPosted: Sun May 03, 2009 7:58 am 
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I glanced through the pending changes and it looks really good. I'm very pleased with the work that you've poured into this patch.

I hope it is not too late, but if possible, please include these changes in the up coming patch.

1. expand the runelist from 10 to at least 30.
2. Allow us to rename the runelist
3. increase shop slots from 71 to 200?
4. guild autoboot for inactive members becomes an option
5. lower the "scan" command failure rate
6. perhaps lower the idle xp? 2500 xp seems awfully high for doing nothing
7. fix mine reinforcement/ currently mine collapse even with reinforcement
8. GREATLY slow down mine regeneration rate.
9. revert back to old inv ordering. eg. if i make a 2nd portal, the new portal should become 1.portal. Also, If i pick up a new portal, that new portal should be 1.portal.
10. sacrificing portal with items in it requires the "sac portal sure" to work. The "sure" should be required to sac any kind of containers. This will eliminate intentional sacs.
11. Establish a point where vehicles can respawn for a small fee. Too many of us have no idea where our vehicles are.

Home of The Blacksmith
Exits: east up down northeast southeast.
@ Commands: repair practice construct permission lockdown secure releas

The exits and commands do not wrap properly inside of structures. Many of them interfere with the minimap. This is minor but still very annoying.

These are some of the things that have been bugging me. I'm sure there are more.

Also, if there are any other caretakers that is reading this note, please fix my copper, it is so bugged.



 Post subject: Re: Upcoming changes
PostPosted: Mon Dec 21, 2009 11:42 pm 
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I'm back. things will happen soon. maybe. O_O


 Post subject: Re: Upcoming changes
PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 3:05 pm 
Mud Imp
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Celeborn wrote:
I'm back. things will happen soon. maybe. O_O

OMG OMG OMG OMG, *bows in homage* Thank you so much :D Best Christmas gift ever. The One has returned! Festivities! Party on Horizon Road!!!


 Post subject: Re: Upcoming changes
PostPosted: Fri Dec 25, 2009 3:52 pm 
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*Dances* I'm SO looking forward to /something/ happening... the mud has grown stagnant


 Post subject: Re: Upcoming changes
PostPosted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 4:07 am 
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Celeborn can you make it so we can tailor silk gloves? lol


 Post subject: Re: Upcoming changes
PostPosted: Thu Dec 31, 2009 11:14 am 
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ShanaArkai wrote:
*Dances* I'm SO looking forward to /something/ happening... the mud has grown stagnant



 Post subject: Re: Upcoming changes
PostPosted: Thu Dec 31, 2009 7:53 pm 

Joined: Sun Feb 12, 2006 3:37 pm
Posts: 15


 Post subject: Re: Upcoming changes
PostPosted: Fri Jan 01, 2010 8:58 am 
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Use the force, Luke.


 Post subject: Re: Upcoming changes
PostPosted: Mon Jan 04, 2010 9:43 pm 
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Celeborn wrote:
ShanaArkai wrote:
*Dances* I'm SO looking forward to /something/ happening... the mud has grown stagnant


Erm, ok? thats atleast something. Pwipe works for me, heh. only thing that would make me sad about it would be loosing my platypus and my badger.


 Post subject: Re: Upcoming changes
PostPosted: Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:40 pm 
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ShanaArkai wrote:
Celeborn wrote:
ShanaArkai wrote:
*Dances* I'm SO looking forward to /something/ happening... the mud has grown stagnant


Erm, ok? thats atleast something. Pwipe works for me, heh. only thing that would make me sad about it would be loosing my platypus and my badger.

D: Kill furry little animals, I could never do that!

We'll just have pets ruling the game, sounds like a good compromise.


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